Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Volume 2...A quick catch-me-up

I know, it's been a long time.  But, in my defense, I've been busy.  Here's a quick update for the last few months...

May...hired as the part time (20/hr week) volunteer coordinator at the Animal Welfare Society in W. Kennebunk, Maine
June...adopted a dog after he came to stay with us for the "weekend"
August...spent a very rainy week at camp in Brownfield, Maine.  Wendy got engaged.
September...spent a week in Bar Harbor, hiking & biking in Acadia National Park

Through the course of the summer we fostered 22 animals including one dog and six puppies and 2 cats and 13 kittens.

Here are a few things I didn't do...exercise, go to the beach, hike or bike (except in Acadia.)  Working for the AWS has provided me with a job that was made for me, some wonderful new friends ("hi" Gail, "hi" Lori) and as my daughter calls it... an "insanely busy for being retired schedule".  That would be the main reason for things I didn't do this summer, but I'm not complaining.

I'm sure there is tons more to report but as they say..."leave them wanting more".  You do want more, right?  Stay tuned, more is coming up next.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi back at you sweetie.

    You WERE insanely busy for a retired person ... until now. Now ... you're in Florida, with your guy and your dog ... and definitely living the 'good life'. But ya' know what? You DESERVE that.

    We miss you ... we want you back ... and the shelter is falling apart here, but we'll hold it together ... until you return. Just keep us updated on your 'going-ons' until then, dear one ... and know that we MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!

    Lori W.

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  3. Glad to see that you are checking up on us. I'm sure the place is not falling apart, I'm counting on the two of you to hold it all together. We miss you guys, too but we'll be back before you know it. Love ya...