Monday, January 24, 2011

Update..."bungalow" & mural

A nice day today in Southwest Florida, warmed up to 75* but windy.  We went on a looooong walk, somewhere between 3 and 4 miles.  Poor Sir Titan is still sleeping on his "throne" and barely got up to eat his dinner.  We took a couple of photos of works in progress...

As you can see, our new place is coming along nicely.  Some of the windows are in and the right side of the roof is done.  It's hard to see because it's that nice shiny metal stuff.  Are you wondering why we built it up so high?  Well, the water table is very high here in FL, so in order to have any storage (and as Mr. Bill will tell you - I Need Storage) we built it up high so we can store stuff on the ground level.

More work on the clouds and it blends in nicely with the real sky ;o)

We are expecting warm temps tomorrow, high 70's, then strong storms overnight. 

Only 12 more days till beautiful Wendy comes to visit!  I'm excited!

Thanks for stopping by...

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  1. i didnt realize only 12 days!! yay! im so excited! love you XOXO