Monday, May 30, 2011

"The Dream"

When I considered what to call this blog, I was indeed Livin' The Dream.  For a number of years I dreamed of being away from New England in the winter; away from shoveling snow, driving on icy roads and freezing my butt off.  I dreamed of spending the winter somewhere sunny and warm where I could be outside, getting some exercise, going to the beach, just chillin'.  January, 2009 the dream became reality when we parked in Florida for the winter...hence the name of this blog.

"The Dream" is not the same for everyone.  Some dream of more money, a bigger house, a nicer car, a faster boat.  Others dream of a healthy child, a rewarding job, enough to eat.  I realize that I live "The Dream" every day, one way or another.  I live TD as I watch my children grow into mature, hard-working, compassionate adults.  I live TD as my son becomes a husband and a father and I become a grandmother.  I live TD as my daughter prepares to wed the man she loves and I become the "mother of the bride".  I live TD as the man that loves me shares his home with me, cooks for me, works in the garden with me, sometimes dances with me, makes me laugh, shares his life with me.  I live TD as I visit with old friends and make new ones. 

For me, TD is doing things that I wanted to do before, but wasn't able to for one reason or another.  It's sleeping in my own bed every night. It's sleeping until I wake up, around 8:00 am and laying there until I feel like getting out of bed.  It's having a job that I enjoy and that makes me feel capable and competent.  It's having a dog again.  It's enjoying the holidays knowing that neither Bill or I will have to work or take vacation .  It's getting the senior discount.  It's spending the winter in Florida, where it's sunny and warm and I'm not freezing my butt off.

What's your dream? 

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday

After days and days of gray skies, damp weather and cool temperatures, I thought it might be a good idea to think of some good things about this stinky weather.  Here is what I came up with...

The grass is really green
The trees and flowers are blooming nicely
It's good for mushrooms
The frogs like it
The ponds are all full
There is little fear of a drought
We are being spared the dreaded cancer causing rays from the sun.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yard Work

Although Sir Titan has an underground electric fence that keeps him safely in the yard, it does not keep other dogs or wild animals from coming into the yard.  It also does not allow him to have friends over for a romping good time.  Alas, Sir Titan has not had any doggie friends to play with since Christmas.  We feel that it is important for his well being to be around other dogs and have "play dates".  Sooo, what's a family to do?  We decided to fence in part of the back yard, which requires some big time yard work.

We contacted a former co-worker of mine that has all the big toys needed to get the job started.  It was a three day project but we are well on our way to a nice, big play yard for Sir Titan and his friends.

4.1.11...Lots of brush needed to be cleared

5.8.11...Bill had cut some of the brush by hand
5.11.11...Some of the trees are down, this one is on the list
5.11.11...A nice load of lumber
5.12.11...Removing another stump
5.13.11 @ 7:35 am...Fire showing, note the pile on the left
5.13.11 @ 8:23 am...adding fuel to the fire from the other pile
Scott, Barb and their two boys came over to watch the excavator and cook hotdogs over the fire for lunch.  They even found time to help Harold move some of the brush.
Cole is a good helper
So is his big brother, Trevor
5.13.11 @ 3:33 pm...after the fire

The fire smoldered well into the night before Mr. Bill put water to it (only after he played with the excavator a little). 

Next step is having an estimate from the fence company and maybe some loam and grass seed.  Unfortunately, after rain all day, it's just a bunch of nice, wet dirt (otherwise known as mud)!

We think Mr. Titan will enjoy a new fence, a big play yard and doggie friends over on a play date.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's A Start

September 23 is coming REALLY fast.  I haven’t been sewing as often as I would like, which is nothing new.  However, today I completed the first (of many) blocks in the "wedding quilt"…
It looks a little skewed because I was standing on my tiptoes trying to take the picture while it was sitting on the ironing board.  Like I said, "it's a start".

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