Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pedaling in Fryeburg

We had talked about riding the Mountain Division Trail when the lupines were in bloom but we didn't quite make it.  The lupines were past but there were lots of milkweed blooming, just waiting for the monarch caterpillars to feast on them.

It was a nice, sunny day but not too hot!
It only takes about half an hour to ride to the visitor's center, where we like to use the bathroom.

We usually just turn around and ride back to the car but we sat at the picnic table and had a snack.  We were, however, not alone.  This fellow was on the tree next to the table.
We did determine that it was dead, it never moved, even with ants crawling over it.

We shared our snack with some of the ants in order to move them to the other end of the table and if I could figure out how, I would insert the video...
We stopped at the river
and took a "selfie".
When we rode this trail last August, there was a building here, now there's just remains.
Lastly was a visit with the goats.
The owners of the property were out in the yard and said it was okay to take pictures.  I love the one sleeping in the barrel.

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