Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am Titan - I Love Treats

I love riding around with my mama and papa.  In May-n we like to drive the car to the drive-up window at the bank and Aroma Joe's.  I really like it because they give me good treats and I Love Treats!

There isn't any Aroma Joe's here but the bank gives me nice treats and I like them.  Today we took the car through the drive-up at McDonalds.  Just like home, they don't have treats for dogs, just people, which makes me wonder why we even bother to go there.'s hard to tell at first where we are.  Nothing gets by me though, I know this is a drive-up window.  Um...any chance this is the bank?

Hey, this doesn't look like the bank; maybe it's a new place with new treats.  I'm not leaving this window till I'm sure.  If I look really hard out the window maybe I can MAKE it be the bank.

Oh yeah, there's the drive-up lady.  I always make sure she can see me.  "Here I am pretty lady, can you see me?  I'm showing you my best side."  (Actually, both sides are my best side ;o)
"It's me, Titan, I'm right here!  Can you see me, huh? huh? huh?  If my papa would just get his darn head out of the way you could see me better."  Sometimes I have to resort to climbing into my papa's lap and hanging my head out of the window, but today my mama wouldn't let me ;o(

Ugh, no treats for me!

Woof, Woof

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  1. Wow, I haven't read this for some time...You are soooooo retired! Love it...So is the bench back yet? LovU Paula