Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things You Won't See in Maine (TYWSIM) Vol. 1 Article 1

This is the beginning of an ongoing post that will show you exactly what the title indicates, things that we see in FL that you won't see in Maine.  This will probably be mostly flora and fauna (plants and animals) but could cover just about anything that I find interesting or weird.

First up, in the flora department...

Yes, I know that you see poinsettias in Maine, but you won't see them planted in the ground like any other outdoor plant, at least not surviving for very long.  As we all know, they don't handle the cold very well, so these may be gone after the cold spell due over the next couple of nights.  We have seen them in planter boxes as well.

Here's another thing you won't see in Maine...

These very cool birds walk along the roads, eating bugs and other delectable items.  If I had my bird book (which is safe and secure in my condo, where I am not) I could find out quickly what they are called.  I will find out, but I'll have to fill you in on a later post.   I know, you are thinking to yourself, "I see birds eating along the roads all the time".  Crows don't count!

Well, that's all for the first article, stay tuned for more useless pictures and information from the sunny south.  PS.  you can click on any photo and enlarge it.

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  1. You could post anything green and you won't see it in Maine right now :)