Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I celebrated sixty-four years young, or at least I feel young most of the time.  Admittedly, I'm not sure how one is supposed to feel at 64.  Wendy and I took a trip to the Strawberry Festival in South Berwick, an outdoor arts & crafts show.  We used to go every year but for a number of reasons, haven't been able to attend for the past few years.  AND after a week of rain and crappy weather, the sun came out!  WooHoo!!!  As a birthday gift, she purchased a ceramic birdseed/birdbath for me.
It found its special place in the Memorial Garden ;o)
 Let's face it, at 64 one never knows how many more birthdays they will celebrate, so Bill and I had dessert first today.  We each enjoyed a dish of Shain's ice cream while there to buy a quart of their Maine Sea Salt and Caramel ice cream for dessert with friends tomorrow night. 

Before dinner, we sat on the deck and enjoyed some decent weather for a change.  After dinner, we returned to the deck and relaxed, knowing we had NO plans for the rest of the night.  It felt marvelous.  Greg called to wish me a Happy Birthday and we had a nice visit ;o)  We were able to let Troy, our foster puppy out in the yard for awhile alone.  He and Titan had played together a couple of times earlier in the day and Troy was favoring his leg a little.  We put Troy in the house and Titan played with his favorite toy until nearly 9:00.

Birthday No. 64 was quite nice, thank you very much!

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