Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Nothing special for us today.  I made dog food while Bill took Titan for a walk.  We went to the park and read for a couple of hours.  It stayed cloudy and comfortable.  

Titan vomited twice on the carpet this morning!  We cleaned it up immediately and sprayed it with carpet cleaner.  Praying it doesn't stain when it's shampooed.

And that wraps up our Easter Sunday.  Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you1

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

There's Gonna be a New Park

Last week for strawberries, must be almost time to go home ;o(  Took Titan for a short walk along the Linear Loop, which was plenty long enough due to the heat.

Picked up a couple of things at Wal-Mart, ate lunch at home, cooked some turkey for Titan then took a walk over the north side of the bridge to the new park.  It's going to be really nice when it's done.  We saw two bald eagles perched on the lights nearby.
Can't wait to see what it looks like next year when it's all done.

Got ice cream at Harborwalks Scoops & Bites.  On the pricey side...$6+ for two single scoops but we did enjoy a nice view.
Sat on the deck and read till nearly 7:00.  The sun sets so late we lose track of time.  Bill talked with Dr. Steve and I finished my book "Bury Your Dead" by Louise Penny.  My favorite so far!

Wendy and Dan got 8 baby chicks today.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Nice Sunset Tonight

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Had lunch at Nan's Thai Noodle, which Wendy and Dan had recommended.  It was quite good.  After some shopping, we went to the celebration at the Celtic Ray.  We stood for an hour and enjoyed the entertainment...Stevens Green & Paul Duffy.
 We left there and walked around the Gallery Walk checking out the new book store (quite nice), the antique cars and the alcoholic beverage offered at Landmark Realty.
Owned by Elton John at one time
We sat in the park while I finished my drink, than back to the Celtic Ray, where we scored seats!  Left there around 7:00.  It was a nice St. Patrick's Day.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Saying Good-bye

Wendy and Dan headed home today ;o(  Bill and I were rudely awakened at 2 AM by the septic alarm.  Apparently, the inspector failed to turn it back on after his inspection.  Thankfully, Wendy and Dan didn't hear it!  

They spent the morning packing, Wendy did some work on my neck and shoulder and we took our annual St. Patrick's Day photo shoot.  Thanks for being such good sports.
testing, testing
This one was the best one of Titan but Dan wasn't quite ready.  It looks like he wants Wendy to check if his deodorant is working...
From there, Titan was just bored and it took us awhile to get everyone looking good.
Titan gave up. 
But finally...success!
They drove off around 11:45...miss them already!

Hot again today, temp near 85*.  Bill had walked Titan earlier so after giving blood, we spent the rest of the afternoon inside doing some laundry and cleaning.  We finally sat outside around 5:00 when it cooled off a little and took Titan for a nice walk along 41 after dinner.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Going Our Separate Ways

Wendy and Dan headed out on their own today.  We took Titan for a walk, had lunch at Arby's where Bill bought Titan his own slider!  Dropped Titan at home, changed our clothes and walked from Fisherman's Village to the hospital.  It was 83* but it felt a lot hotter!  

We ran into Wendy and Dan around the Laishley Crab House.  They continued on their way and we went to TT's Tiki Bar for a cool beverage, then back to the car.  

We ate early again, Bill grilled burgers, then all went back to the Tiki Bar for drinks and the sunset.  Unfortunately, Bill drinks Ginger Ale and they didn't have any ;o(
We finished off the day with ice cream from Cubby's.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Dan's First Visit to Corkscrew Swamp

Bill took Titan for a quick walk before we headed to one of our favorite places...Corkscrew Swamp.  We packed our lunch and ate at one of the picnic tables near the parking lot.
As usual, we walk counter clockwise, against the traffic because we think the best stuff to see is at the end, so we start at the end.  That makes no sense, kind of an oxymoron.  It was a great day in the swamp.  

We saw several alligators, pretty close to the boardwalk. 
General, when we see an alligator, it's just sitting there, doing nothing, just being a wild animal.  But today was different, we actually saw this alligator swimming!  It swam right next to the boardwalk and it was so cool to watch.  I even got my phone out and took a movie!  Unfortunately, since I'm so technologically challenged, I accidentally took a movie of myself, with a closeup of my hand and sunglasses, only getting a very slight glimpse of the swimming alligator.  Good grief!  Probably never see another one moving ;o(  duh!

We got a good view of this heron and it's friend, the turtle.
The assorted animals were abundant, or maybe we were just more observant.
Pretty sure this is a male anhinga
Near the end of the walk, there were some nice flowers blooming.
Flag iris?
And a family of raccoons, rummaging around in the tall grass.
I thought it was a super day at the Swamp.  I think Dan is our "good luck charm".
We stopped at Starbucks on our way home, ate dinner early and went to The Top of the Wyvern to watch the sunset, which was nice but nothing spectacular.  From there to the Celtric Ray for Dublin's National Pie Day!  

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Forty Years and Counting

Today is Greg's 40th birthday!  Where, oh where, have forty years gone?  It amazes me when I look back at how quickly time has flown.  Greg is such a delight.  He has a quick wit, coupled with a dry sense of humor.  He is a man of few words, but when used, they often make me laugh.  He is a wonderful dad to Ella, leading her safely through a world filled with many dangers.  He is slow and steady in his discipline, often difficult to maintain when dealing with the younger members of the family.  

He has developed a touch of gray at the temples, which makes him even more handsome.  
He shows his artistic side by practicing Zentangle and I love it when he sends me pictures of his latest creation.  

He is a voracious reader, he appreciates nature, he enjoys playing board games and he shares all those and more with Ella.

He's an all around great person.

Happy Birthday Honey!  I sure do love you!
It was very warm today, high near 85*.  We walked Titan from the Dollar General to the parking garage.  We stopped at Publix, I waited in the car with Titan (he was very hot) while the others went shopping.  We ate lunch at home, then the "kids" headed out to be tourists.  Bill and I stayed home and did some reading, I visited with Greg, too.  

We met Wendy and Dan at Hurricane Charley's, then drove over the bridge to park at the Pt. Charlotte end before walking back.  
Such a silly girl ;o)
There were tons of horseshoe crabs along the shore.  It's mating season!
We stopped at the Tiki Hut for drinks and nachos, watched the sunset from the Harborwalk, then to the Ice House Pub for dinner.
Love these two!
We played half a game of darts before being called for dinner.  I don't think Bill and I won ;o(
A couple of winners!
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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Going Our Separate Ways

We ate breakfast at home, went to the farmer's market, then got coffees at The Foot Landing, but it took forever and they weren't very good.

Bill and Dan headed to the Rays/Yankees game.  Wendy and I brought the groceries home, had lunch and went to Port Charlotte Beach Park for a couple of hours.  
It was 84* and we were thankful for the breeze.

We came home around 3:00, changed our clothes and drove back over the bridge to Elegant Nails for pedicures.  

Bill and Dan stopped at Beef Country where Dan bought filets and Richards Whole Foods for candy!  

Wendy and I got home about 5:45 and we had a great dinner of filets, brussels sprouts and smashed potatoes.  Wendy went to bed early because she wasn't feeling well.

We turn the clocks ahead tonight...woohoo!

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

We dropped Wendy and Dan off at Gilchrist Park so they could walk the Harborwalk while we walked Titan to the hospital.  We met them there, then split up again and they returned via the Harborwalk.  It appears that someone is not happy about the parking restrictions.
We ate lunch at home, rested for about 45 minutes, then headed to Linear park for a workout, although the temp was in the mid 80's.  Dan's back was bothering him but he helped us out with some of the exercises and fulfilled the position of our photographer.
Ruined a perfectly good jump rope
Dan took a group photo so we could send it to The Brickhouse just to prove we were working out, heat be damned!
Bill and I were interviewed by WINK news regarding the crosswalks in Punta Gorda.  We learned that pedestrians do NOT have the right-of-way unless they are actually IN the crosswalk.  Who knew?

Wendy and Dan went to Hurricane Charleys, Bill and I came home and sat on the deck with iced coffees until it got too hot.  

We all watched the 5:00 news where Bill and I enjoyed our 15 minutes seconds of fame.
We had dinner at the Celtic Ray, which took forever but we did get home in time to watch the Amazing Race.
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