Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trials and Tribulations of Traveling with Titan

HA!  This title came to me before we even left Maine for our trip south to Florida for the winter.  I had no idea how our not yet 1 1/2 year old pit bull would travel but I was anxious that he wouldn't get enough exercise and would be bouncing off the walls (and windows, and headliner and everything else inside the car).  I have never traveled with a dog before and just didn't have a good vibe.

Anyway, Mr. Bill did manage to get everything packed away (although he says next year we need to rent a trailer or buy one of those cute little boxes that ride on top of the car.  I think he is exaggerating).  We bought a gate to fit behind the passenger seats so that all of our stuff didn't topple over on top of our dog if we stopped short.  Titan had the best seat in the house comprised of a new doggie bed (memory foam for crying out loud) under his small bath mat that we use for him to stay when company comes, under his regular doggie bed, along with his two blankets from home.  I mean really, how could he not be comfortable???

Well, not to worry, he traveled like a seasoned pro.  Once the car got up to speed, he curled into a ball, let out a big sigh and slept until we slowed down or stopped.  (I have a great photo but don't know how to get it off my phone).  If we just slowed down, he perked up his head and looked around as if to ask "what's up? what's going on? why are we going so slow?"  If we actually stopped, he stretched long and hard, put his face between us to see where we were and gave us a look that said "are we there yet". 

When we did get out, he promptly went to the bathroom and was quite content to walk around a little, sniff a lot and climb back into the car.  I use the term "climb" loosely because he didn't ever climb back in.  Mr. Bill had to lift him up and place him back into the car.  It wasn't that he didn't want to get back in, he just didn't want to jump in.  I think he was afraid he didn't have enough room.

The only issue while driving was the first day when our 10 hour trip lasted 15 hours!  Oh My God!!! The New Jersey toll was backed up for 10 miles.  Thankfully, we had stopped at a rest area just before hitting traffic that was barely moving.  It took us 2 hours to get through the tolls.  The two lane highway spreads out into about 8 toll lanes (picture the York tolls) then back into 2 lanes.  On top of that, another highway enters at the tolls and one of the two lanes on the other side of the tolls was closed due to an accident.  Did I say...Oh My God?   I think we sat in bumper to bumper traffic on the other side of the tolls for more than an hour, everyone jockeying for position (including tractor trailers, motor homes, trucks towing campers and every other type of moving conveyance you can imagine).  That is precisely the time Sir Titan started whining to go to the bathroom.  "Not Now!  You should have gone back at the rest stop!  You're going to have to wait.  Now, be a good dog and go to sleep."  Bill was stressed, I was a little pissy and the dog wanted out.  It was not pretty, but he did lie down and go to sleep, waking later when we stopped at a rest stop.  What a good dog!  I, however, remained pissy (so unlike me). ;o)

Our first night in the motel was great with a ground floor room.  Sir Titan slept in the chair that we covered with one of his blankets, thinking this was pretty cool since he doesn't get to be in the chairs at home.  He was kind of liking this traveling thing.  Unfortunately, the chair was located next to the window and he barked every time anyone (or anything) passed by the window.  Okay, lesson learned, place chair away from window.

The next night we were on the second floor, not as convenient but very roomy.  No worries about anyone walking by the window.  Problem solved!  Ha, Not!  Although the chair was located across the room and I turned it around so that he would be facing us, Sir Titan felt it was his assigned duty to warn us (woof, woof, BARK) of impending personal danger every time a shadow passed under the door.  I don't know what everyone is doing up and about at all hours of the night, but believe me, they are out there. Mr. Bill placed something at the foot of the door so that he would not see the shadows, or so we thought. We even did the unthinkable and dragged one of his blankets onto the bed so that he could lie with us.  He does not take his responsibilities lightly, that's for sure.  We got a very early start the next day!

There are NO complaints about traveling with Sir Titan, he is a superb traveler (some might say, better than me) and it was a pleasure.

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  1. Hah. My Haylee is very similiar in traveling situations. High speeds = deep (or semi-deep) snoozes ... lower speeds/stops = 'what's up?', 'where are we?', 'is it my turn to drive?', etc.

    Also, she VERY rarely barks while at home at anything ... BUT, in a hotel? ANYTHING can trigger the woof, woof, BARK! Shhhhhhhhhh, Haylee, you're gonna get us kicked outta here!

    So glad the trip went well for Titan. And thanks for telling us about his antics! I chuckled ... right out loud!

    Miss ya' ... love ya'!!!

    Lori W.