Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am Titan

Finally, I got this keyboard thingy away from my mama.  I have been wanting to write a post to my mama's blog, whatever that is.  I see her sitting there, her fingers blazing across the keyboard thingy, totally ignoring me and thinking that was something I might be able to do with all my thumbs.  I'm not very fast but we are ree-tired and have all the time in the world, or so I hear. 

My mama was worried about how well I would travel.  I thought we were going to town like we always do so I got all excited and my mouth started watering for the treats from the bank and Aroma Joe's.  In case you don't know, McDonalds does NOT give treats so I don't even know why we go there.  Well, I was in for a big surprise.  Other than it being the longest damn car ride I have ever been on, I was pretty spoiled.  I mean, my seat was a whole lot cushier than theirs and I could lay down and get sleep eyes whenever I wanted.  Sometimes we would slow down, which would wake me up and sometimes we would just stop, for no apparent reason at all because we obviously were not at our final des-tin-a-shun.  I mean, we weren't anywhere special except they made me get out and P even if I didn't need to.  So, because I could, I took my time and smelled e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!  There was a lot to smell, that's for sure.

I think my mama already told you about the trip and what a good job I did as the family protector.  I never saw those shadowy thingys at my house before and they kind of scared me so I figured my mama and papa would be scared, too.  I took care of it though and scared them right back. 

We are now is Floor-ih-duh and I heard we are staying till the end of March.  It's nice here, the big yellow ball is up in the sky a lot and there are all kinds of things I don't remember seeing before, like big birds that fly really low (I think I will catch one some day), little lizards that hide in the plants and run really, really fast (I might not ever catch one but I'm gonna try really hard) and funny trees. 

This is a nice people house except the floors are stuff called tile and when I try to run my feet slip and I can't go very fast.  It's really hard for me to "sit" like I'm told to do just to get a little treat because my front feet keep slipping out from under me.  So I pretend that I am doing "down" instead.  Ha, I still get the treat!  I'm not allowed on the fur-nich-er which I don't understand because it's already called "FUR-nich-er, but I get to sleep up on the big foot stool (I think they call it ott-o-man).  For me it's a total body stool but I leave a little  room for my mama and papa's feets.

 Sometimes I share the stool with my toy.
Sometimes I'm just too tired so I spread all the way out and ree-lax.  My mama and papa covered it up so I wouldn't get fur on the fur-nich-ur (how silly is that?)

We go for a walk EVERY day, even when it's kind of cold.  (My mama and papa want to get thinner, but they don't want me to get thinner, so I get to eat MORE.)  We see lots of things on our walk...a big swimming pool (they call it a river), little people playing at the park (makes me really excited and sometimes I sing to them, but that usually gets me a big "sshhhh"), birds and other dogs (that get's me excited too, so I sing more and get myself in more trouble.)  The walks are fun but my tongue starts hanging out (I think that's what my papa is waiting for) and I'm glad to get some water and climb back into the car for a rest.  We play in the back yard when we get back to the people house.  My favorite toy is my rubber duck.
It doesn't look like much but my papa makes it fly in the air and I chase after it.  You can see where I have had it in my mouth a time or two.  It's really fun but then I get tired and my duck and I need to rest.

I keep an eye on it, just because, you never know.

I keep an eye on my mama, too, so she doesn't sneak up and throw it again before I'm done ree-laxin'.

After we play for awhile, I like to just sit in the late afternoon light from the big yellow ball and protect my mama and papa.  I'm secretly looking for those little lizards, or squirrels or low flying birds.  I keep my guard up because you never know when they will let their guard down.
I like it here in Floor-ih-duh because my mama and papa are ree-tired, which means they don't go to work and I get to spend lots of time with them.  I even get to decide when we get up in the morning ;o)  They say I am in training because they make me "heel" when we walk and "sit" whenever we stop and I'm not supposed to sing when I see little people or other dogs (that's really, REALLY hard).  I get treats when I do a good job and I still get to eat MORE!  (Sometimes I pretend like I don't know what they want, then I get treats to train me to do what they want.  Really, who's training who here?)  They say that Kim and Maryjane will be proud of me when we go home to May-n, so I will keep being trained.

It's almost time for me to take my mama out to see Or-I-Un.  I don't even know him but I don't like him, I think he steals the big yellow ball. I don't know where he hides it but he doesn't do a good job because it always comes back!

As my mama says - thanks for stopping by...


  1. Hi Titan,

    My mom FINALLY got out of the house and left me alone (not totally ... I live with a silly cat who does NOTHING but lay around like a big ol' meat loaf).

    Well, before all my friends come by and the party gets going, I hopped on the internet to check my email and surf around.

    I saw this blog of yours.

    I found it very entertaining and I must say, you're quite intelligent. Your spelling needs some work, but hey, I was hooked on phonics for a while too!

    I also must add that ... ummmm ... errrr ... I find you very, very attractive.

    I need to go now. There's knocks at the door ... and my friends are here. (Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh ... Lincoln, that hunk of a lab from across the street, showed up!).

    Bow-wow ... and woof,


  2. Hey, Hey, Haylee,

    Well, I'm..uuhhh...I mean...eerrr...aawww, that was a very nice comment. I know what you mean about living with a cat, there's one at my house in May-n, too. I can only wish that she laid around, instead she spends her time teasing me! She's always walking around in front of me and as soon as I get a wiff, she's off and running and I'm off and chasing her, which always gets ME in trouble. It's nicer here in Floor-ih-duh cuz she had to stay at my other home, so I get my mama and papa ALL TO MYSELF! I hope you didn't get in trouble having a party while your mom was away, I haven't tried that one yet. I can't figure out how to party when I'm locked away in my crate every time I'm alone. Any ideas?

    I'll be preparing another post soon; I hope you will visit again.

    Woof, woof right back atcha ;o)