Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wine + Glass

Any one who knows me knows...I am a lightweight when it comes to alcohol; not a bad thing, just fact!  There is ONE wine glass in this house and it's HUGE.

It might not look big, but believe me...IT"S BIG.  I put all that I normally drink into it and it barely covers the bottom of the glass.  This is actually quite a large amount of wine for me but I wanted to finish the bottle. I think we might go to Goodwill and pick up a couple of smaller glasses, just in case we have company and they would like some wine.  When we do that, I'll post another picture of the two glasses together.  Then you can see how BIG this wine glass truly is. 

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. i'm much more intrigued by the bowl of fake glittery fruit behind the glass ;)


    You ARE definitely living the dream!

    Love to you both ... and missing you like nobody's business!!!

    Lori W.

  3. Well Wendy, you can check out the fruit for yourself in a few days...xoxoxo