Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beach Time

It started out cool this morning, in the 40's, but warmed up nicely while we were on our walk.  After walking for nearly two hours and a nice coffee by the river, we decided to drop Sir Titan at home for a little "crate" time while we went to the beach.  We packed up our chairs and beach bag, I changed into my shorts and off we went.

It only takes about ten minutes to reach the Charlotte Harbor Beach Park and after only a few minutes, we had the place to ourselves.

As beautiful as it looks, it was not quite as warm as we had expected.

A little out of focus but that's my arm in my sweatshirt and my toes sticking out of the nice striped towel.  Brrrr, it was chilly.  Here's why...

It was windy, not breezy but quite windy and coming right off the water. 

We sat quietly for about 45 minutes soaking up the sun's rays, then decided it was time to leave, just like everyone else already did. 

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  1. Yeah, it's probably not a good sign when nobody else is at the beach ;)