Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lots of Ella and a Little of Greg

Ella had such fun running down the dock and jumping off the end, especially during the dock pictures photo shoot.

I love the look on her face in this one...
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay/Pond

 It doesn't get any better than this, does it Ginger?
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Dock Photos 2015

It isn't "Fun at Camp" until we get the family photos taken on the dock.  Bill and I went back to camp on Monday for an afternoon visit and photo session. 
This one makes me laugh because Ella is sneezing and she obviously caught Ginger's attention.

Photo bomb by Ella
Nice family photo!
not siblings
high five!
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fun at Camp 2015

Actually, I don't think I ever finished the 2014 post, I'll have to go back and check but figured I better get this done while I'm in the mood!

I may have said this before but nothing says summer vacation more than a week on Pequawket Pond!
"Fun at Camp" at last
Saturday, 8/8...We arrived around 2/2:30 after stopping at Hannaford in Waterboro.  We were on the beach by 3:15 and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon under mostly sunny skies.

Sunday 8/9...Woke up to cloudy skies, accompanied by wind and cool temps.  After breakfast, headed into No. Conway so I could return a top to EMS.  We visited L.L. Bean, which we have decided is a complete waste of time but scored nicely at Reebok, each picking up a new pair of shoes.  I got a new pair of Nanos, 2.0 for a whopping $19.97!
We picked up iced coffees at McDonalds, drove to the other end of town to the cigar store and returned home to much better weather.  We were on the beach by 2:30, where I took the opportunity to try a new adult beverage.
Cleared off nicely ;o)

Monday, 8/10...Looked out the window around 7:30 and all I could see was white - weird!
These appear to be black and white pictures but they are not!  The day turned out to be the best one so far, mostly sunny all day.  We were on the beach by 11:00 and spent some time on the floats after lunch.

We went for a walk around the pond, which took about 50 minutes and involved crossing property posted as "private, no trespassing".   Oh well, it was our only way to exit the railroad tracks without walking all the way to Rt. 13 or turning around.  Once home, we did our own WOD (workout of the day) which Bill made up...all Tabata...kettlebell swings, air squats, pushups (really bad idea) and bridges.
We had a nice fire after dinner.
Tuesday, 8/11...The day dawned cloudy, windy and cool...again!  It was raining by 11:00 so we did our regular "rainy day at camp" protocol and went back to No. Conway.  It was surprisingly not very busy, even for a rainy day.  We shopped our usual haunts...Synergy, where we both got Life is Good t-shirts and Bootleggers where I got a pair of leather sandals, Keens of course. We checked out a couple of other shops, one of which provided a new grasshopper for me.  Thank you Bill!

We had lunch at our favorite coffee shop, The Met.  It's a nice little place with great coffee, although not inexpensive, great pastries and lunch items.  We both ordered the turkey dinner sandwich, which was delicious and very filling, along with super, duper coffees, the name of which I cannot remember. 
We came home over Hurricane Mountain Road, which we picked up at the intersection by the scenic overlook.  Since it was raining, there wasn't much "scenic" to see or photograph ;o(  The road is quite narrow, steep and winding but a nice change of pace.

Although the day produced a lot of heavy rain, nearly 1.75 inches in Fryburg, it had nearly stopped by the time we got back to the camp, around 4:45.
It wouldn't be "Fun at Camp" without a rainy day.
Wednesday, 8/12....Plenty of clouds hanging around in the morning, especially over the mountains.
The sun came out around 11:00 and we headed to the beach.  The sun was in and out most of the day; we soaked it up while floating attached by a clothesline secured to the floating dock.  Overall, it was a good day!  I love the way the clouds were reflected in the water.
Although I didn't get a picture of them, the two loons were very vocal all day.  We sat on the deck after dinner, enjoyed the sunset and watched a lightening storm in the clouds across the pond. 

7:48 pm
7:56 pm
8:01 pm
Once it got dark, we settled in to check out the meteor shower and to our surprise, we saw more meteors this year than we have seen in several previous years combined.  The conditions were moon and no humidity. 

Thursday, 8/13...Mostly sunny this morning, then big, fluffy clouds developed.
We made an early trip to the Amish market and were still on the beach by 10:30.  The sun was in and out again today but it was a nice day.  Wendy arrived around 2:00 and stayed through dinner.  She and I floated for awhile during the afternoon.  She left after dinner, Bill and I went for a canoe ride around the pond while it was nice and calm.  Thanks to Wendy for bringing us their life jackets, even though she told us to "Just go. You're not gonna drown".  We appreciate your confidence honey ;o)

The loons were not around today.

Friday, 8/14...The perfect camp day...clean, sunny and hot!  Finally!
On the beach by 10:30.  We floated for nearly two hours after lunch; it was awesome!  We traveled into No. Conway, again, around 5:30.  We wanted to pick up a pizza for dinner and some cold cuts for lunch tomorrow.  PLUS, Reebok was having a 40% off the entire purchase sale.  We bought iced coffees for the ride back to camp.  After dinner we did some packing, enjoyed another fire and I cleaned the bathroom.  

No loons again today ;o(

Saturday, 8/15...Mostly sunny today.  I was actually up at 7:00!  Finished packing and cleaning so that the camp would be ready when the kids arrived.  We saw a pair of orioles while we were eating breakfast and at least one of the loons was back on the lake.  

Wendy texted that they were on their way around 10:30.
They arrived around 1:00, Greg and Ella rolled in around 2:30, just as it started to pour!  It was, however, a decent day up until then.
Ginger wasted NO time going for a swim!
She's just so cute!
The rain stopped shortly, the sun came out and Ella wasted NO time going for a swim either.
She's growing so fast!
We wrapped up our week on Pequawket Pond around 6:00 and headed home.  Looking forward to next year already.

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