Monday, January 31, 2011

I am Titan - Today's Letter is P

I am very much like my mama...she never met a restroom she didn't like.  Me...I P.  When I get up in the morning...I get to go out to P.  Before I go to bed...I get to go out to P. When we are walking (which we do EVERY, SINGLE day) and I hear a strange dog... I NEED to P, somewhere, anywhere, as quickly as I can.  Sometimes I get away with it, sometimes my mama or papa says "no, you don't need to P".  How do they know that?  Best of all, when I pass near any vertical surface, I NEED to P.  There are lots of vertical surfaces on our walk and I try to P on every, single one.  My mama and papa wonder how is that possible, to P on everything.  Sometimes I'm just happy to give it a little dribble, let others know that Titan has been here.  BUT, I can't P when I'm heeling!  Since I'm in training, I have to heel when we are on our walk.  I Can't P and Heel at the same time, YET, but I'm giving it lots of thought.  

Just a quick little post to let you know what's been on my mind.

Woof, Woof

Sunday, January 30, 2011

See Food...


Homemade lobster ravioli with vodka sauce and crab cake.  YUMMY!  (I must admit, this is not a very appealing photo; it kind of looks like someone vomited next to a hamburger.)  It did, however, taste better than it photographed.

Since I haven't made it to Goodwill yet for some Waterford crystal wine glasses that someone else discarded, I resorted to this instead...
Is it wrong to drink wine from a martini glass? 

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Update...traffic cones

are now these...

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

We Report...You Decide

Considering all the walking we do, not sure how we missed this...
Good...Not so good?
Love it...Hate it?
I'm gonna go get the paint today...Over my dead body?

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am Titan - I Love Treats

I love riding around with my mama and papa.  In May-n we like to drive the car to the drive-up window at the bank and Aroma Joe's.  I really like it because they give me good treats and I Love Treats!

There isn't any Aroma Joe's here but the bank gives me nice treats and I like them.  Today we took the car through the drive-up at McDonalds.  Just like home, they don't have treats for dogs, just people, which makes me wonder why we even bother to go there.'s hard to tell at first where we are.  Nothing gets by me though, I know this is a drive-up window.  Um...any chance this is the bank?

Hey, this doesn't look like the bank; maybe it's a new place with new treats.  I'm not leaving this window till I'm sure.  If I look really hard out the window maybe I can MAKE it be the bank.

Oh yeah, there's the drive-up lady.  I always make sure she can see me.  "Here I am pretty lady, can you see me?  I'm showing you my best side."  (Actually, both sides are my best side ;o)
"It's me, Titan, I'm right here!  Can you see me, huh? huh? huh?  If my papa would just get his darn head out of the way you could see me better."  Sometimes I have to resort to climbing into my papa's lap and hanging my head out of the window, but today my mama wouldn't let me ;o(

Ugh, no treats for me!

Woof, Woof

Beach Time

It started out cool this morning, in the 40's, but warmed up nicely while we were on our walk.  After walking for nearly two hours and a nice coffee by the river, we decided to drop Sir Titan at home for a little "crate" time while we went to the beach.  We packed up our chairs and beach bag, I changed into my shorts and off we went.

It only takes about ten minutes to reach the Charlotte Harbor Beach Park and after only a few minutes, we had the place to ourselves.

As beautiful as it looks, it was not quite as warm as we had expected.

A little out of focus but that's my arm in my sweatshirt and my toes sticking out of the nice striped towel.  Brrrr, it was chilly.  Here's why...

It was windy, not breezy but quite windy and coming right off the water. 

We sat quietly for about 45 minutes soaking up the sun's rays, then decided it was time to leave, just like everyone else already did. 

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Severe Weather

Tonight we were under a TORNADO WATCH!  What.The.*#&^!  I admit, I am better emotionally prepared to handle a nor'easter/blizzard warning, than I am a TORNADO WATCH.  I don't like being in the big red square on the weather map, with the nice weatherman warning me to "take cover immediately".  I mean's not like we can hide in the basement...there is NO basement!  There is NO nothing!  Being the prepared person I am, I immediately placed long pants, sweatshirt, purse and computer in the bathroom in the center of the house.  I also grabbed a book, candle and the dog's collar and leash.  I did not, however, grab anything for Mr. Bill.  He is very calm and collected; I'm the one having an anxiety attack (but in a very mature manner).  He will laugh when he sees my little pile of "preparedness" in the bathroom (hiding behind the door so not to be obvious). 

As of now (7:20) we are out of the big red box, but still under a TORNADO WARNING till 9:00PM.  Come on 9:00! 

I can only imagine how long it's been since Charlotte County has been under a TORNADO WARNING/WATCH.  We seem to bring unusual weather with us wherever we go ;o(  They had not had a hurricane in over 44 years, until I bought property, then it was only 6 weeks. 

It is quiet outside now; I will check the radar, one moment please...the big red box is back but south of us, so I can breath easier.  Mr. Bill just found me (in the bathroom) and accused me of hiding.  Hiding?  Really?  A grown woman?  Well, yeah, kinda. Too bad I finished off the wine in the big glass last night. 

The nice weatherman says it will be stormy all night and we may wake up to heavy wind and thunder around 2:00 or 3:00 AM.  That would be assuming that one was actually sleeping, right?

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Wine + Glass

Any one who knows me knows...I am a lightweight when it comes to alcohol; not a bad thing, just fact!  There is ONE wine glass in this house and it's HUGE.

It might not look big, but believe me...IT"S BIG.  I put all that I normally drink into it and it barely covers the bottom of the glass.  This is actually quite a large amount of wine for me but I wanted to finish the bottle. I think we might go to Goodwill and pick up a couple of smaller glasses, just in case we have company and they would like some wine.  When we do that, I'll post another picture of the two glasses together.  Then you can see how BIG this wine glass truly is. 

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Update..."bungalow" & mural

A nice day today in Southwest Florida, warmed up to 75* but windy.  We went on a looooong walk, somewhere between 3 and 4 miles.  Poor Sir Titan is still sleeping on his "throne" and barely got up to eat his dinner.  We took a couple of photos of works in progress...

As you can see, our new place is coming along nicely.  Some of the windows are in and the right side of the roof is done.  It's hard to see because it's that nice shiny metal stuff.  Are you wondering why we built it up so high?  Well, the water table is very high here in FL, so in order to have any storage (and as Mr. Bill will tell you - I Need Storage) we built it up high so we can store stuff on the ground level.

More work on the clouds and it blends in nicely with the real sky ;o)

We are expecting warm temps tomorrow, high 70's, then strong storms overnight. 

Only 12 more days till beautiful Wendy comes to visit!  I'm excited!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


There is no one in New England that will share any sympathy with me when I say that it was only 36* this morning and there was frost on the grass when I took Titan for a walk at 7:00 this morning.  I will admit that the computer said it was only 3* in Sanford, which was warmer than when I went to bed last night...-2*. 

However, it warmed up nicely to 65* and was beautifully sunny!

Admittedly, I didn't take pictures of the frost but I found this one online...

because posts are boring without pictures.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

I am Titan - I Need a Job

Happy Friday Everyone,

I hear my mama and papa say that I need a job.  What are they talking about???  I'm a dog for crying out loud.  I don't need a job!  I have a job.  I protect my people, and chew my toys, and shed (but only a little).  Well, thanks to my mama's bestest friend, Su, I have the tool for my job.

It's called a backpack.  Su used to have a dog named Gwen (short for Guinevere) but she doesn't have her any more and Gwen had this backpack.  Well, Su gave this to my mama for me to use. Thanks Su, thanks a lot (insert sarcasm here).  I'm just really glad it's blue and not pink, although my papa said I would NEVER wear a pink backpack.  Thanks papa, thanks a lot (no sarcasm).  Their plan is for me to get used to this backpack so I can carry my own water and bowl.  HA, I.Don't.Think.That.Is.Going.To.Happen, EVA!  Luckily, they don't make me wear it when it gets too warm outside (which makes no sense, because that's when I really need some water).  It's a work in progress and it's just possible, that by the time we leave Floor-ih-duh, I will have a job.  Ugh!  I prefer being ree-tired, like my mama and papa.

Woof, Woof

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Not every day or every post involves a particular color; however, today is ORANGE.  Our neighbors, Bob and Jackie (not to be confused with our neighbors, Bob and Helen), have a very nice orange tree in their backyard.  It's actually our backyard as well since we have no idea where the boundary is and it's kind of like one big backyard.  Anyway, Bob came over yesterday afternoon and brought these...

Four fresh oranges right off the tree.  Yummy!

During our walk, we keep finding these...

See, this is number 20 and we have seen them up to number 45.  Now, I know what this is - a traffic cone, what I want to know is - what is going in each of these spots.  Any ideas?  We'll keep you posted.

We also see these on our walk...

This is an hibiscus tree.  Aren't these blossoms beautiful?  
We got an update on the missing swing - it rotted.  No update on whether or not it will be replaced ;o(

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Working on the Winter Tan

It was warmer today after a few days in the 60's.  We visited another farmer's market, located at the Punta Gorda History Park.  This is also where the bald eagles have nested for the past few years.  We stopped by the other day to see what was happening with the eagles and were disappointed to see no activity and no "eagle watchers", so we assumed there were no eagles.  We found out this morning that the eagles are indeed nesting and the "eagle watchers" expect the female will be laying her egg or eggs in the near future.  Last year's eaglet died after eating rancid meat brought home by the male, who also got very sick but survived.

We took Sir Titan for a nice long walk so that he could burn off some energy and we could all burn off calories.  We did have an ulterior motive.  We were going to the beach and he was going to chill in his crate for a while.  After stopping at Subway for the daily meal deal, or whatever it's called, we dropped the dog at home, packed our beach paraphernalia and drove a short distance to Charlotte Harbor Beach Park (CHBP). 

We visited this park sometime around the hurricane and weren't very impressed; therefore, we have spent most of our beach time driving North to Venice Beach or a little South to Punta Gorda.  We were pleasantly surprised by the facilities at CHBP.  There are restrooms, basketball and tennis courts, picnic table pavilions, a boat ramp, a public pool ($2.50/day) and a very nice, white sand beach.  All of this at the very fair price of 75 cents/hour...not $15 or $20 or more a day, like Wells and Ogunquit. 

We enjoyed our lunch at one of the picnic tables, then settled our chairs into the sand along with several others seeking the warmth of the sun.  It was not crowded but, being the weekend, there were more people on the beach than a week day, of course.  Even so, there was plenty of space.  We paid for 2 hours in order to avoid early tanning sun burns and we wanted to get home in time for the Patriots game (guess we could have stayed a lot later.)  It always feels so good to soak up the rays of the sun...warms the skin and feeds the soul. 

It was a beautiful day!

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Friday, January 14, 2011


The Punta Gorda Historical Mural Society (PGHMS) was organized in 1994.  "It started with Dr. Robert Andrew's dream to feature historic and educational murals around the City of Punta Gorda."  The first mural was started in January, 1995 and dedicated in October, 1995.  By the time Hurricane Charley hit Punta Gorda in 2004, 20 murals had been completed around the town.  "On Friday, August 13, 2004, Hurricane Charley roared ashore...with winds in excess of 160 mph, destroying...half of the 20 murals..."   The PGHMS is in the process of re-painting the lost murals.

This mural - Cattle Drive Down Marion Avenue - is painted on one of the buildings that we pass during our walk.  It was dedicated on June 21, 2007.

This is the side of the building from across the street.

A little closer.

And a close-up.

"...the mural pays respect to five well known Florida Cow Hunters.  Their head shapes have been fittingly placed in the clouds."  If you look closely, you can see three of the five heads.

It's fun to travel around town and see these murals; it makes Punta Gorda kind of special and it's just one of the reasons we enjoy it here.

They continue to work to replace all of the murals that were lost during the hurricane. This one is just beginning and we will keep you updated on the progress.  Yesterday it was nothing more than a blue wall and today the artist was painting clouds.  (1.16.11  Today we were able to identify this mural as "Hotel Charlotte Harbor.  It is one of two that will be painted on adjacent walls.)

(quotes from "Punta Gorda Murals, 2010-2011 Edition)

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am Titan

Finally, I got this keyboard thingy away from my mama.  I have been wanting to write a post to my mama's blog, whatever that is.  I see her sitting there, her fingers blazing across the keyboard thingy, totally ignoring me and thinking that was something I might be able to do with all my thumbs.  I'm not very fast but we are ree-tired and have all the time in the world, or so I hear. 

My mama was worried about how well I would travel.  I thought we were going to town like we always do so I got all excited and my mouth started watering for the treats from the bank and Aroma Joe's.  In case you don't know, McDonalds does NOT give treats so I don't even know why we go there.  Well, I was in for a big surprise.  Other than it being the longest damn car ride I have ever been on, I was pretty spoiled.  I mean, my seat was a whole lot cushier than theirs and I could lay down and get sleep eyes whenever I wanted.  Sometimes we would slow down, which would wake me up and sometimes we would just stop, for no apparent reason at all because we obviously were not at our final des-tin-a-shun.  I mean, we weren't anywhere special except they made me get out and P even if I didn't need to.  So, because I could, I took my time and smelled e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!  There was a lot to smell, that's for sure.

I think my mama already told you about the trip and what a good job I did as the family protector.  I never saw those shadowy thingys at my house before and they kind of scared me so I figured my mama and papa would be scared, too.  I took care of it though and scared them right back. 

We are now is Floor-ih-duh and I heard we are staying till the end of March.  It's nice here, the big yellow ball is up in the sky a lot and there are all kinds of things I don't remember seeing before, like big birds that fly really low (I think I will catch one some day), little lizards that hide in the plants and run really, really fast (I might not ever catch one but I'm gonna try really hard) and funny trees. 

This is a nice people house except the floors are stuff called tile and when I try to run my feet slip and I can't go very fast.  It's really hard for me to "sit" like I'm told to do just to get a little treat because my front feet keep slipping out from under me.  So I pretend that I am doing "down" instead.  Ha, I still get the treat!  I'm not allowed on the fur-nich-er which I don't understand because it's already called "FUR-nich-er, but I get to sleep up on the big foot stool (I think they call it ott-o-man).  For me it's a total body stool but I leave a little  room for my mama and papa's feets.

 Sometimes I share the stool with my toy.
Sometimes I'm just too tired so I spread all the way out and ree-lax.  My mama and papa covered it up so I wouldn't get fur on the fur-nich-ur (how silly is that?)

We go for a walk EVERY day, even when it's kind of cold.  (My mama and papa want to get thinner, but they don't want me to get thinner, so I get to eat MORE.)  We see lots of things on our walk...a big swimming pool (they call it a river), little people playing at the park (makes me really excited and sometimes I sing to them, but that usually gets me a big "sshhhh"), birds and other dogs (that get's me excited too, so I sing more and get myself in more trouble.)  The walks are fun but my tongue starts hanging out (I think that's what my papa is waiting for) and I'm glad to get some water and climb back into the car for a rest.  We play in the back yard when we get back to the people house.  My favorite toy is my rubber duck.
It doesn't look like much but my papa makes it fly in the air and I chase after it.  You can see where I have had it in my mouth a time or two.  It's really fun but then I get tired and my duck and I need to rest.

I keep an eye on it, just because, you never know.

I keep an eye on my mama, too, so she doesn't sneak up and throw it again before I'm done ree-laxin'.

After we play for awhile, I like to just sit in the late afternoon light from the big yellow ball and protect my mama and papa.  I'm secretly looking for those little lizards, or squirrels or low flying birds.  I keep my guard up because you never know when they will let their guard down.
I like it here in Floor-ih-duh because my mama and papa are ree-tired, which means they don't go to work and I get to spend lots of time with them.  I even get to decide when we get up in the morning ;o)  They say I am in training because they make me "heel" when we walk and "sit" whenever we stop and I'm not supposed to sing when I see little people or other dogs (that's really, REALLY hard).  I get treats when I do a good job and I still get to eat MORE!  (Sometimes I pretend like I don't know what they want, then I get treats to train me to do what they want.  Really, who's training who here?)  They say that Kim and Maryjane will be proud of me when we go home to May-n, so I will keep being trained.

It's almost time for me to take my mama out to see Or-I-Un.  I don't even know him but I don't like him, I think he steals the big yellow ball. I don't know where he hides it but he doesn't do a good job because it always comes back!

As my mama says - thanks for stopping by...

ID Update

I feel comfortable reporting that these are White Ibis, or is it Ibises?  ;o)  If anyone reading this knows differently, feel free to correct me (in a nice way, please).

We're Staying

After serious thought and consideration, Mr. Bill and I have decided to stay put right here in FL.  We have contacted a well known and highly recommended contractor to put together a little bungalow for us near the park we love in Punta Gorda.

We will keep you updated as things progress; here's a preview...
While Mr. Bill and Sir Titan check on the current progress, our landscaper sits on the stairs, waiting for instructions.

AND...we have decided to get a new car.

Just a little something to get us around town; should be good on gas!

Sadly, there are no eagles this year; therefore, there will be no eagle update. I will, however, post updates of the "bungalow" as it progresses. Whenever we see a place like this (and believe me, there are plenty, this is small compared to many of them) we ask ourselves, "Why does anyone need that much space?". 

Love you guys!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things You Won't See in Maine (TYWSIM) Vol. 1 Article 1

This is the beginning of an ongoing post that will show you exactly what the title indicates, things that we see in FL that you won't see in Maine.  This will probably be mostly flora and fauna (plants and animals) but could cover just about anything that I find interesting or weird.

First up, in the flora department...

Yes, I know that you see poinsettias in Maine, but you won't see them planted in the ground like any other outdoor plant, at least not surviving for very long.  As we all know, they don't handle the cold very well, so these may be gone after the cold spell due over the next couple of nights.  We have seen them in planter boxes as well.

Here's another thing you won't see in Maine...

These very cool birds walk along the roads, eating bugs and other delectable items.  If I had my bird book (which is safe and secure in my condo, where I am not) I could find out quickly what they are called.  I will find out, but I'll have to fill you in on a later post.   I know, you are thinking to yourself, "I see birds eating along the roads all the time".  Crows don't count!

Well, that's all for the first article, stay tuned for more useless pictures and information from the sunny south.  PS.  you can click on any photo and enlarge it.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Slow Day

It was a quiet day today in Southwest FL.  As usual, we took the dog for a walk.  From there we packed him in the back of the car where he promptly fell asleep while we drove south to Ft. Myers.  Mr. Bill's sister gave him a certificate for Omaha Steaks at Christmas and there is a store in FM.  (I didn't even know they had stores, I thought it was all mail order.)  They were having a 50% off sale so we got a lot of good stuff for not quite as much money.  Mr. Bill decided on salmon fillets, filet mignon and sirloin strip steaks.  We have to wait till tomorrow to enjoy one of these tasty looking entrees because frozen chicken was slowly unfreezing on the kitchen counter.

We gave Sir Titan a shower tonight in the "beautiful" bathroom.  It's great because you walk right in, no sides to step over, and the shower can be hand held.
Is this a great looking bathroom, or what?  Anyway, Sir Titan was not all that excited about the whole procedure but between Mr. Bill and I, we got 'er done.  As a rule, the dog is not excited about the first time for anything so I figure, next time it will be easier.  Right?  He didn't even make a big mess when he shook himself off, thanks to a terrific job of towel drying him first by Mr. Bill. 

These were "under construction" last year but have been completed.  I think they are pretty cute, what do you think?

They are murals painted on the bathroom doors at Laishley Park.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

That's Not How We Left It ;o(

Last year we were in the habit of getting our coffee at a little shop in the Fishermen's Villages called "The Ornery Attitude" (O.A.).  From there we would wander outside and sit on a swing, overlooking Charlotte Harbor and the Peace River.  Many nights we sat there sipping our coffee, enjoying a biscotti and watching the sun set as we heard the signal for the boat leaving the harbor, taking passengers on the sunset cruise.  You can read more about this favorite spot of ours here.

This is what we found when we stopped today...

The supports are still there but...THERE'S NO SWING!  We asked Dave, the O.A. owner about it.  Apparently, we are the only ones missing it because he had no idea it had disappeared and no one else had asked about it.  However, he is going to check with the maintenance person and see if he can get some answers.  We were very disappointed.

We went to our preferred farmer's market today, along with most of Punta Gorda and the surrounding area.  Where did all of these people come from?  It was never this busy last year.  We bought some crab filled homemade ravioli, which we had for dinner along with vodka sauce and they were fabulous!  I forgot to get the name of the vendor but we'll get it next week and find out where the business is located.

We also came across a new vendor displaying some of the cutest little dresses I have ever seen.  I commented to Mr. Bill about one that I thought would look especially cute on my granddaughter, Ella.  However, when I looked at the back, there wasn't anything there, other than a little strap, which I found odd.  Luckily, it only took a split second (okay, maybe a couple of seconds) to figure out that it was designed for a dog, not a child.  duh  This little booth belonged to Koolnani's, owned and operated by a very pleasant woman by the name of Theresa Diaz.  I did ask if I could take a couple of photos for my blog and told her about one of the volunteers at the shelter, Beth H., who designs outfits for the shelter dogs.  She explained that she owns a couple of Yorkies and started designing outfits for them, then others asked her to make some and next thing, she was in business.
This is only a small section of her display but gives you an idea of how cute these outfits are.  Mr. Bill spotted the next one, which makes us think of Wendy Bee...
How freakin' cute is that?  She also had collars, bandannas, small animal beds and other animal items, along with some very cute aprons for people.  There may have been other people items but her space was getting busy so I didn't get photos of everything; there was a lot more to see.  She doesn't have a website but her card says "Kustom Apparel For people & their pets".  If you see something you like or want to get in touch with her regarding something for your special furry friend or yourself, you can email her at -  I did place an order but it's a surprise, so I can't tell you about it.

It was a very nice day here, 72*, mostly sunny and windy.  We had a great walk along the river but came back a different way, just for a change of scenery and because we can. 

Titan is a little out of sorts today; hope he's back to his usual self tomorrow.

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Christmas is over!

I know the Christmas season is over when I finish the last of the Christmas Cherry Cake.
I actually ate it yesterday for breakfast but forgot to post it.  People ask if it's a fruit cake.  "NO" I reply, it's a Christmas Cake.  Even though it has some of the same ingredients as a fruit cake, it doesn't have any molasses, so it's lighter than a fruit cake. Technically, I suppose it's a fruit cake but I like it a lot better.  I make it every year, eat almost the entire thing by myself and I'm always a little sad when it's gone.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Walk the Walk

Last year we got into the habit of walking along the Peace River every day.  We would start at the Fishermen's Villages, walk along the river through Gilchrist Park, under the highway, through Laishley Park to one of the small fishing piers and back.  Laishley Park was completely rebuilt after the hurricane in 2004. This year, however, because Gilchrist Park does not allow dogs, we park in the Best Western lot and leave from there, walking to the farthest little pier and back.  This takes us a couple of hours.  Of course, we all have to make a potty stop, or 3 or 4 (for the dog) rest a little at the pier, sit in the sun for a minute or two, get a drink from the water fountain (which precipitates more potty stops) and finally return to the car.

This serves two purposes...Mr. Bill and I get some good exercise, which burns calories, which creates some weight loss. It would if we didn't come home and snack on M&M's and potato chips :o( Sir Titan gets some good exercise, which makes him very tired and laid back.  Consequently, he spends most of the rest of the day like this...

 We are all happy when Sir Titan is tired.  He did play with his rubber duck in the yard for awhile this afternoon, which adds to his relaxed state.

He are a few photos of our walk...
 On the left is the bridge between Pt. Charlotte and Punta Gorda (Rt. 41, Tamiami Trail)

 Boardwalks make up a couple of the sections of the walk.  The condos were built after Hurricane Charlie.
I see this handsome man walking his exceptionally well behaved dog everywhere I go.  I think he is stalking me.
A quiet moment in the sun.  (You can't really blame the handsome man, can you?)
We use these decorative posts to work on Sir Titan's heeling by weaving in and out so that he has to follow us and actually think about where he is going.

As you can see, it's a really nice place for a walk!

Tomorrow is another farmer's market (our favorite) and the first CRAFT FAIR!  Woo Hoo.  I won't buy anything but it's fun to look.

Thanks for stopping by... (don't forget to feed the fish)