Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Clean-up

Today was a nice day but the forecast for the weekend is much cooler temps and rain, rain, rain.  Soooo, rather than go to the gym, I spent the afternoon cleaning up the garden around the tub.

I didn't take a "before" picture but trust me, it looked a lot better "after".
This shows, front to back, ligularia, columbine, lenten rose, tradescantia (spiderwort), thistle and a tall grass.  Also seen is some sedum, bledding heart, clemetis (seriously, it's there) and rose campion.

I took several wheelbarrows full to the woods and sucked up several more bags of leaves. 

Then I enjoyed a beer and finished my book.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Heading Home

It's inevitable.  When we arrive in January, we know the time will fly by too quickly and we will be back on the road again too soon.  And so it is ;o(

Truth be told, I think we are all ready.  We have no responsibilities while we are here, no schedules to follow, no appointments, no nothing.  One can only do nothing for so long before it gets old and boring and it's time to do something. 

I know Bill is ready to be back in the clinic although I don't know what else he might be looking forward to doing.

As for me...I'm ready to have my own car, to see my family and friends, to sit at my sewing machine, to work in the yard and gardens, to get a McDonald's iced coffee for $1.00.  Boy oh boy, I sure hope they are still only $1.00 rather than $2.10!  It's the little things that make "home"...home!  

I think Titan might be ready to run free in his own big, fenced yard, go outside without having a leash and collar put on, come inside without having each and every foot wiped off, each and every time, to protect the carpet.   

We have had a good winter, cooler and wetter than the past years but no shoveling and that's what it's all about.  We love being outside in the warm sun, wearing shorts and t-shirts and sandals, walking and reading, going to the gym and sitting at the beach.  

We said our good-byes to the few people we have gotten to know...our old neighbors, Bob and Jackie, Mom and Pop from the pet shop, Martha at the coffee shop, Amore at the butcher shop and the lady at Subway.  Sometimes I forget and wish them a good winter, then realize THIS is winter.  haha, such a dope.  

So, the day has come.  The house is clean, the car is packed to the gills, the dog is walked and we are on our way.  Unfortunately, the weather looks less than perfect with lots of rain in the three day forecast and temps at home taking a 20* dive just in time for our arrival.  Seriously, we wouldn't expect anything less because...that's the way we roll.

Good-bye Florida, see you next year!
Charlotte Harbor Beach Park
Sunset from the Punta Gorda Bridge

Quiet time
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Apparently I need more practice.
I can see the light
Someone wants to be in front
kiss me, mama
Some did turn out a little better, especially the last one.
I need longer arms
happy campers
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Saturday, April 5, 2014


There are two of these trees in the back yard, obviously planted rather than growing spontaneously.  The thorns are very sharp, nothing you would want to run into.  It took me a while to find out what they were; however Google finally came through for me. 

Meet the Floss Silk Tree, sometimes called the Silk Floss Tree but something I read said the description is alphabetical.  It is native to South America and only grows in Southern FL, Southern TX and the coast of CA  Most of the leaves had dropped off by the time we got here but it has leafed out in the last few days.  Apparently, the crown has blossoms in the fall, which we will never see.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Wishes

Today is my baby girl's birthday.  Well, technically, she isn't a baby any more, she is celebrating her 34th birthday.  34?  How is that possible?  Just yesterday she was a bubbly, independent toddler and today she is a grown woman.  That can only mean I'm getting old!

Wendy is the type of daughter that makes a mother very proud.  She graduated with a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy and continues to enjoy her work.  She is married to a man that makes her happy, I can see it in her face when they are together.  She has worked hard to become a better partner and wife, knowing that no one is perfect and everyone can use a little help along the way.

She is an entrepreneur, having started a small business with Dan several months ago.  Together they have spent many hours developing their body products and growing their clientele.   Bee Pure & Natural is up and coming and I'm excited to see where it goes.

She is committed to being healthy, eating a Paleo diet and being a Crossfit member.  Some of her lifestyle changes have actually rubbed off on me...I don't drink diet soda any more and rarely drink soda at all, opting for the ever present and boring glass of water instead.

She is intelligent enough to know she does not want to be a mother and strong enough to hold onto that conviction, although it often means quizzical looks and questions better left unasked by those that mean no harm.  She is an excellent mama to her dog, Ginger, adopted as a puppy, now nearly 11.

Wendy is honest, hard working, compassionate, creative, healthy, independent and strong (both mentally and physically).  As with her brother, Greg, I know there are other qualities that I have missed but these are the ones that come most readily to mind.

She is my child, my daughter and most importantly, my friend.  
Wishing you a spectacular day filled with all the things that make you smile, because you deserve no less.  I love you more than you can imagine.

Happy Birthday Honey!

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