Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I can't believe it.  Last evening I posted a new item for sale in my Etsy shop.  It wasn't two hours later and I noticed an unfamiliar email in my inbox.  Thankfully I didn't delete it the way I usually do.  Something caught my eye.  I opened it to find that I had actually SOLD the Tea Time table topper/wall hanging.  WooHoo!  I can't believe it! Oh, did I say that already? 

Anyway, I have been wondering how I actually get the money when someone pays through Paypal.  Well, now I have the answer to that too.  I have to set up my checking account, which could take a couple of days.  It's not my purchaser's fault so I sent that little item in the mail today.  I'll get the rest figured out in a day or so.

I wanted to have some cute little bumblebee ribbon to wrap it up nicely and note cards to write a little "thank you so much for buying something from me your purchase".  Alas, I didn't have any of that because I didn't expect to actually sell anything.  But. I. Did.  I picked up some yellow tissue paper and some black ribbon (pretty bumblebee-ish if you ask me) and wrapped a nice little package.  I got some little note cards as well.

I have contacted the purchaser twice keeping her informed about the shipment of her item. I'm trying to provide excellent customer service along with a smartly wrapped package.  It may not sound like much to you but I hope it's just the beginning!

Thanks for stopping by...

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  1. Woo Hoo! Now you're in business.

    I've just enjoyed reading through all your posts back to the beginning. I'll continue to keep up with your life in Maine. It's nice to meet you.