Monday, November 6, 2017

What Did You Do Today?

This is what I did...
Forty-two days of dog food!

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Sunday, November 5, 2017


Scored these bad boys for half price at Barnes and Noble.  They are perfect for our afternoon iced coffees!
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Sunday, October 22, 2017

September Weather in October...Woohoo!!!

Drove to Fryeburg for what might be our last bike ride of this year.  It's hard to believe that the temperatures continue to be in the 70's this late in October but we like it and we're trying to take advantage of it!  Admittedly, it was in the 60's today but still sunny and warm.

We like the Mountain Division Trail because it's a decent ride, 4 miles each way, completely paved with some hills and valleys and there's a bathroom at the end.  
I keep thinking I won't take any pictures, because we've ridden this route several times and I've taken lots of pictures, so I don't need any more.  Then I come across something I haven't seen before, life these fall berries.
There were tons of them!  Many people cut the stems and use them in Thanksgiving and Christmas sprays and wreaths, but I'm not one of those.  They do provide some nice color against all the brown this time of year.

There wasn't as much color along the river as I thought there would be.
It took us about 30 minutes to reach the information center, where we used the bathroom and had a snack.  The temp was up to 63*.
We (Bill) discovered this painted rock, which we left right where we found it.
There was some good color on the distant hills and in the parking lot.
One of the nicest stretches of color was on our return trip.
Dan was kind enough to let Titan out for us, so we didn't have to go right home, instead we drove to North Conway.  We did a little shopping and drove to the Mt. Washington Valley scenic overlook.  Surprisingly, there was still a lot of color, including green and there didn't seem to be a lot of leaf drop.
It's too bad the colors never look as good in my pictures as they really are ;o(

We got a snack and iced coffees at the s.l.o.o.o.o.w.e.s.t McDonald's in the world, picked up a couple of things at the grocery store and headed home.

Keep it up Mother Nature!

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bradbury Mountain State Park

Although it started out cloudy, we believed the weather prediction for clearing skies and decided to check out the foliage before it was too late.  First, we headed to Freeport to pick up a birthday gift for Dan.  I had a $10 certificate to Beans, so we stopped there to spend it.  HAHA, know how hard it is to spend only $10 at Beans!  I finally discovered a nice dish towel for $9.95 and although, with tax, it totaled $10.50, I got away scott free!

From there it's only about 10 minutes to Bradbury Mountain.  We chose this destination because it's got a good bang for the buck...a short hike, the summit is only 485' above sea level, and the views are decent.

We took the "long" way to the top, The Northern Loop Trail, stopping below the summit for the first foliage views, via the Bluff Trail.  
We backtracked to the NLT, then to the summit, a large, fairly flat area overlooking the woods, all the way to the ocean.  The entire hike only took 35 minutes, including our short stop.
1:48 pm
Although we reached the summit at 1:50, it was still pretty cloudy, but the colors were worth the climb.  It was 66* with a light wind.

We found ourselves a nice, cozy spot on the rocks and had ourselves a snack.  While nearly everyone else was eating apples, we had ourselves cookies from Keeping' It Local. 
They have oatmeal so they're good for us...right?
We stayed until 3:30 and the clouds started breaking up around 2:00.  
1:50 pm...a little blue sky
2:05 pm...some sun lighting up the colors
2:25 pm...clouds moving out!
2:25 pm...lots of blue sky
There were a lot of people, kids, dogs and bees!  The bees LOVED the apples but didn't care for our cookies ;o)  Surprisingly, with bees literally everywhere, no one got stung until we were ready to leave and a super cute little red headed guy, maybe 3-4 was eating an apple when a bee landed on his hand and stung him.  We could hear him screaming half way down the hill.  Poor little guy ;o(

We returned to the car via the Switchback Trail..."very steep with sharp turns"!  Not so much!  Took us about 10 minutes and it wasn't a big deal at all; it was the only place we saw a lot of red.  Apparently, the red color is determined by the amount of rain in the spring.
A nice, relaxing afternoon.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Gorham Mtn. and a Spectacular Sunset

Thursday, September 21

We got up around 8:15, were out of the cottage by 10:45.  We parked along the road near the Gorham Mtn. parking area because it was super busy and we expected the parking lot to be full.
We left the trailhead at 11:33 and reached the summit at 12:30 via the Cadillac Cliffs section of the trail.  This plaque along the trail has been polished by volunteers.
It was 68* and mostly sunny but windy when we started but turned into a spectacular day...finally!  We sat among the rocks near the summit, enjoying the heavy surf at high tide thanks to Hurricane Jose.  
Panorama photo
Looking toward Sand Beach
Thankfully Bill brought along a little pick-me-up ;o)
The summit is quite unspectacular, since you don't get the ocean views.
A nice couple from New Jersey took our picture.
We proceeded to The Bowl, where we ate lunch and drank in the sunshine.

Panorama photo...great place for lunch!
We're pretty sure Dan would love to take a swim year!

We returned to the car back over Gorham Mtn, reaching it at 3:28.  We drove into town, got coffees and walked to the park overlooking the harbor, where we sat, drank our coffees and ate oatmeal raisin cookies that we brought with us from Keeping it Local.
Morgan texted to tell us the TV wasn't working, bummer.

We did a little shopping on the way back to the car, stopped by the cottage to grab a beverage and our iPads, then headed to Hadley Point to watch the sunset.  

It was one of the most spectacular sunsets I think I have ever seen!  Unfortunately, my pictures don't do it justice.  It was much more red orange than yellow.
6:30 PM
6:40 PM
6:44 PM
Panorama 6:46 PM
6:47 PM
Panorama 6:48 PM
6:49 PM
6:53 PM
Home tomorrow.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ocean Path and Witch Hole Pond

Wednesday, September 20

Wendy and Dan treated us to breakfast this morning, crepes!  They provided crepes, strawberries, whipped cream, bacon and coffee for me, Bill made his tea in our cottage, we provided...nothing ;o(  I think I was supposed to bring pears, but I didn't...duh  

After breakfast, we headed our separate ways looking for good surf, thanks to Hurricane Jose.  They ended up at Thunder Hole but it was super busy and they were disappointed in the surf. The signs were good tho.
photo by Wendy
As for us, we parked at Sand Beach and walked along the Ocean Path, toward Thunder Hole.  We stopped a couple of times along the rocks, looking for the perfect spot.  The view was pretty spectacular.
Looking toward Otter Cliffs
Looking toward Sand Beach
Happy little ferns tucked in the rocks.
We stayed for 15-20 minutes watching the waves.  Thunder Hole was a lot further than I thought and it was already 1:00, so we turned around and headed back to the car.  We drove to the Fabri picnic area and ate our lunch at one of the picnic tables...much better than sitting in the car like yesterday.  

Wendy and Dan hiked Gorham Mtn, then set up their hammocks at Otter Point.
photo by Wendy
We drove to the Visitor's Center, used the bathroom and bought a Christmas gift.  Parked there and took a bike ride around Witch Hole Pond loop.  Thankfully, the sky cleared a little and the sun started peaking through the clouds.  

Witch Hole Pond
I love this pond, it reminds us of sunken ship's masts.
The Rangers said the beavers had built a huge dam at one end of this pond and apparently the trees had drowned.
We came across the Duck Brook Bridge, stopping long enough to take some photos.
overlooking Duck Brook
Frenchman Bay in the background
Looking toward Frenchman Bay and Bar Harbor
These pictures are proof that the weather was clearing.  WooHoo!!!

Instead of taking a left, Bill took a right and we went up and over Paradise Hill.  UGH  He says he had no idea he went the wrong direction...I believe he knew exactly what he was doing.  His nickname while teaching spinning classes was "Hill Bill".  

We are addicted to the popovers at the Asticou Inn so we headed back there for our daily fix.  It was a lovely afternoon!
Northeast Harbor
We returned to the cottage and sat on the deck to read.  Bill grilled hamburgers on a grill borrowed from Dan.  We enjoyed a lovely sunset.
Sunset from Edgewater No. 6
Panorama sunset
I really wish we lived where we could watch the sunset every night.

Wendy and Dan stopped over for a quick visit when they returned from town.

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