Saturday, January 8, 2011

That's Not How We Left It ;o(

Last year we were in the habit of getting our coffee at a little shop in the Fishermen's Villages called "The Ornery Attitude" (O.A.).  From there we would wander outside and sit on a swing, overlooking Charlotte Harbor and the Peace River.  Many nights we sat there sipping our coffee, enjoying a biscotti and watching the sun set as we heard the signal for the boat leaving the harbor, taking passengers on the sunset cruise.  You can read more about this favorite spot of ours here.

This is what we found when we stopped today...

The supports are still there but...THERE'S NO SWING!  We asked Dave, the O.A. owner about it.  Apparently, we are the only ones missing it because he had no idea it had disappeared and no one else had asked about it.  However, he is going to check with the maintenance person and see if he can get some answers.  We were very disappointed.

We went to our preferred farmer's market today, along with most of Punta Gorda and the surrounding area.  Where did all of these people come from?  It was never this busy last year.  We bought some crab filled homemade ravioli, which we had for dinner along with vodka sauce and they were fabulous!  I forgot to get the name of the vendor but we'll get it next week and find out where the business is located.

We also came across a new vendor displaying some of the cutest little dresses I have ever seen.  I commented to Mr. Bill about one that I thought would look especially cute on my granddaughter, Ella.  However, when I looked at the back, there wasn't anything there, other than a little strap, which I found odd.  Luckily, it only took a split second (okay, maybe a couple of seconds) to figure out that it was designed for a dog, not a child.  duh  This little booth belonged to Koolnani's, owned and operated by a very pleasant woman by the name of Theresa Diaz.  I did ask if I could take a couple of photos for my blog and told her about one of the volunteers at the shelter, Beth H., who designs outfits for the shelter dogs.  She explained that she owns a couple of Yorkies and started designing outfits for them, then others asked her to make some and next thing, she was in business.
This is only a small section of her display but gives you an idea of how cute these outfits are.  Mr. Bill spotted the next one, which makes us think of Wendy Bee...
How freakin' cute is that?  She also had collars, bandannas, small animal beds and other animal items, along with some very cute aprons for people.  There may have been other people items but her space was getting busy so I didn't get photos of everything; there was a lot more to see.  She doesn't have a website but her card says "Kustom Apparel For people & their pets".  If you see something you like or want to get in touch with her regarding something for your special furry friend or yourself, you can email her at -  I did place an order but it's a surprise, so I can't tell you about it.

It was a very nice day here, 72*, mostly sunny and windy.  We had a great walk along the river but came back a different way, just for a change of scenery and because we can. 

Titan is a little out of sorts today; hope he's back to his usual self tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. ok, my first thought when I saw the bench missing OMG...Hope it returns soon. The walk brings back fun memories....hope we make it down in 2011. Thanks for keeping this fun read going.

  2. Glad you are reading. No updates on the bench, it is still MIA ;o(

  3. At least you know you won't have to worry about long lines if they replace the bench :)