Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Severe Weather

Tonight we were under a TORNADO WATCH!  What.The.*#&^!  I admit, I am better emotionally prepared to handle a nor'easter/blizzard warning, than I am a TORNADO WATCH.  I don't like being in the big red square on the weather map, with the nice weatherman warning me to "take cover immediately".  I mean really...it's not like we can hide in the basement...there is NO basement!  There is NO nothing!  Being the prepared person I am, I immediately placed long pants, sweatshirt, purse and computer in the bathroom in the center of the house.  I also grabbed a book, candle and the dog's collar and leash.  I did not, however, grab anything for Mr. Bill.  He is very calm and collected; I'm the one having an anxiety attack (but in a very mature manner).  He will laugh when he sees my little pile of "preparedness" in the bathroom (hiding behind the door so not to be obvious). 

As of now (7:20) we are out of the big red box, but still under a TORNADO WARNING till 9:00PM.  Come on 9:00! 

I can only imagine how long it's been since Charlotte County has been under a TORNADO WARNING/WATCH.  We seem to bring unusual weather with us wherever we go ;o(  They had not had a hurricane in over 44 years, until I bought property, then it was only 6 weeks. 

It is quiet outside now; I will check the radar, one moment please...the big red box is back but south of us, so I can breath easier.  Mr. Bill just found me (in the bathroom) and accused me of hiding.  Hiding?  Really?  A grown woman?  Well, yeah, kinda. Too bad I finished off the wine in the big glass last night. 

The nice weatherman says it will be stormy all night and we may wake up to heavy wind and thunder around 2:00 or 3:00 AM.  That would be assuming that one was actually sleeping, right?

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  1. Aww Kathy ... I think you're gonna be fine! But thank goodness for a level-headed, prepared, MATURE woman in a man's life.

    Believe me ... if Mr. Bill looked out the window ... saw coming what took Dorothy away ... and looked over at you and asked politely, "where's the dog's leash?" ... and you replied, "Behind the bathroom door, along with other the necessities, like a BOOK" ... he would love you more than ever!!!

    Come home soon please ... one month down (almost) ...

    Lori W.