Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas, for Real!

At last, the big day is here.
The day dawned clear and bright, perfect!

I cleaned the house yesterday, which made today more relaxing.  We ate the last of the Christmas cake while opening our stockings.  We had breakfast, got ourselves ready for the day, then we took pictures.  Sounds easy but when you are dealing with an unfamiliar camera and a dog that can't sit took some time.

I started by getting the camera set up and trying the self timer.  The first one turned out quite decently
but this is what I looked like when I realized it was taking TEN pictures before it stopped.
Hmmmmm, something isn't right...
I could never get it to take only ONE shot with the timer but we did get a couple of family pictures that were shareable.  hahaha, our tree is so small it's completely hidden behind Bill and I had to crop the picture so it didn't look like he had a tree growing out of the top of his head.
My favorite
Since it was taking TWO pictures, Titan could only sit still for one and then he was done, so we had a few where Bill and I looked good but Titan was blurry.
This one is just terrible AND Titan is blurry...
Scott and Kris came for dinner...filet mignon, garlic mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.  The weather was warm enough that Bill didn't freeze while grilling the steaks, always a plus.

Trevor called Scott and everyone got to FaceTime with him, which was nice.  We even got a good picture of the McGovern men before they headed home.

Wendy called from Texas and talked about their visit so far...lots of church and lots of kids.

I called and talked with Greg, he was fighting a cold and already in bed.

Our Christmas celebration was spread out over a couple of weeks but it was fun and now it's over.  Time to get organized and packed for Florida.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas, Take Two

Since Dan was sick when we went to Greg's house, we got together after the gym to open our gifts.  Bill and I got new water bottles, which was a great idea, especially since Bill has run over his a couple of times.

Of course, we had to take more pictures.
I think I got my monies worth out of these glasses.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Celebrating an Early Merry Christmas

Since Wendy and Dan are going to be in Texas for Christmas this year, we celebrated early.  We packed up the gifts, a salad and Sir Titan and headed south to Greg's house for our Christmas get together.  Although we traveled separately from Wendy and Dan, we arrived within a few minutes of one another.  Greg and Ella arrived a few minutes later, coming from church.  

He even bought my favorite candies...non pariels!
First thing on the agenda was putting together the gingerbread house.  
Thankfully, the gingerbread was already prepared!
Technically, I watched while Ella and Wendy did the construction and decorating, which is kind of messy.
Greg got the ham ready for the oven, then he helped finish the decorating.
Voila...the finished product!
Wendy and I had placed our gifts under the tree.
They looked nice all tucked under the tree but we opened them in the living room, except Dan...he was sick and taking a nap upstairs ;o(
Three generations of Wehmeyer women
We enjoyed a nice late afternoon meal of spiral ham, twice baked sweet potatoes and orzo salad (no onions).

Ella and I snuck away to take a couple of pictures.

We played games, considered making bracelets, which was quickly abandoned when that required nail polish (none of which could be found) so Ella started building her new Lego set from Auntie Wendy and Uncle Dan.  There are 575 pieces.  Papa Bill came over to check out the progress but it was going to take some time.
Rumor has it, Ella enjoys an audience...
This was Titan's first time traveling to anyone's house, other than Wendy and Dan's, and I thought he did a great job.  Ella even gave him a nice, new chew toy!  
Christmas is boring...
Before leaving we took our traditional family photos in front of the tree.  Even Dan felt good enough for the pictures.  
I've been saving thee glasses since last year and I actually remembered to bring them with us...three cheers for ME!!!
And Titan got one with his BFF!
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