Thursday, January 20, 2011


Not every day or every post involves a particular color; however, today is ORANGE.  Our neighbors, Bob and Jackie (not to be confused with our neighbors, Bob and Helen), have a very nice orange tree in their backyard.  It's actually our backyard as well since we have no idea where the boundary is and it's kind of like one big backyard.  Anyway, Bob came over yesterday afternoon and brought these...

Four fresh oranges right off the tree.  Yummy!

During our walk, we keep finding these...

See, this is number 20 and we have seen them up to number 45.  Now, I know what this is - a traffic cone, what I want to know is - what is going in each of these spots.  Any ideas?  We'll keep you posted.

We also see these on our walk...

This is an hibiscus tree.  Aren't these blossoms beautiful?  
We got an update on the missing swing - it rotted.  No update on whether or not it will be replaced ;o(

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  1. I predict that they are going to plant trees where the cones are.