Monday, February 1, 2010

Being thankful

I realize how lucky and blessed I am every single day.  Nightly, before falling asleep, I list at least 5 things I'm thankful for that day.  I never have trouble coming up with 5, sometimes I have trouble keeping it that short.  I'm regularly thankful for these...

*two beautiful, healthy, honest, responsible, compassionate children
*a granddaughter that makes me enjoy being a grandmother a gazillion times more than I would have thought possible
*a partner that loves me more than I deserve and treats me like the Queen I tell him I am, even though we both know that's not true ;o)
*my ability to spend the winter away from the cold and snow where I can be outside, in the sun nearly every day
*being healthy

Today I'm also very thankful that my closest friend, Su, goes home from the hospital tomorrow without requiring abdominal surgery ;o)  For her, that's a real blessing!

Since a post is boring without photos, here are a few...

I took a picture of Mr. Bill taking a picture of the eagles.

Although we have a large assortment of knives, none of them are worth a darn.  Mr. Bill, being a knife aficionado, picked out this assortment of new knives ar Marshalls.  Aren't they pretty?

Some new fabrics from Wal-mart.  Not the best quality but I'm thinking about some Valentine surprises and these are the perfect colors.

My new "bright light".  Mr. Bill gave it to me for Christmas, I packed it and brought it down here, it didn't work, I returned it, I got a new one, it works GREAT!

That's all for today, it was a quiet and cloudy with rain.  We got in some good exercise at the gym though.

Thanks for stopping by...

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