Monday, February 22, 2010

Birds and boats

It was nice enough yesterday that we went to Ponce de Leon park for a few hours in the sun.  We did find that flying bugs are annoying, whether in Maine or Florida.  It is the time for "blind mosquitoes" as Mr. Bill calls them.  They are larger than black flies but just about as abundant.  One good thing about them...they don't bite. We sat near the seagrape bushes and the bugs were pretty thick.  While Mr. Bill spent some time on his beach towel, I moved onto the grass, thinking they would be less bothersome.  Wrong!  From there I moved to the edge of the sand, near the water.  There was enough of a breeze that they didn't bother me much after that.

We were able to enjoy three hours in the sun...reading, listening to our iTouches and just chillin'.  Mostly, it was nice to be in the sun and warm.  The park is located at the end of a canal which empties into Charlotte Harbor and yesterday boats were constantly going in and out.  Mr. Bill got photos of two of the nicer, larger boats.  Keep in mind that these boats are parked basically in the backyard of the owners because all the properties in this area back up to a canal and the properties are at least as nice as the boats.



And, a couple of bird photos because there are some funny birds around here and posts are more fun with pictures.
Not very attractive; I think it looks like a white vulture.

 (this one's for you, Greg)  Pelican

Remember this pretty bird from an earlier post?  Here's a group of friends.  I think it is a kind of tern but I'll find out for sure one of these days.  

We finished the day at the shelter.  We were the only two there and  tried to get all the dogs out for a short walk before the shelter closed at 5. 

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