Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We're going to Disney World

Have you heard about "Give a day, Get a Disney day"?  Basically, you volunteer your time and Disney gives you a free ticket.  There are dozens of volunteer possibilities.  We are all about the animal shelter right now and decided that we would make doggie blankets and toys as our contribution.  

I purchased the seven yards of fleece on Friday and started cutting later in the day.  I cut strips, which Bill braided into toys using three different fabrics; one was a fish print, one was blue and one was yellow. (yeah, I know, I should have used a dog print but they didn't have any good ones with coordinating fabrics.)  My blankets required two pieces of fabric that were tied together on three sides with the final side being left open so that the little doggie can climb inside and snuggle if so desired.  Each blanket was only 1/2 yard of fabric...18x44 inches (approximately) so the dog has to be fairly small.  The shelter we were making them for only works with small breeds.  I could make them using a full yard on each side and it could be used by a larger dog although I think I would tie all sides rather than leaving one open.  The blankets all had a floral fabric on one side, two of them had yellow on the other side and two of them had pink.

We ended up with 4 blankets, 13 large toys and 27 small toys.  I did keep one of the small ones for our granddog...Ginger. 


We will get a voucher by email which we need to print for our free Disney day.  We did not bring a printer so hopefully we can go to the library and print them off there.  If not, we will have to go to plan B, which we don't have yet.   We should have plenty of time because I'm not going to Disney until it Warms Up.!

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  1. You guys did such a good job, they came out great! Guinness would love one of the open ended blankets, he loves to be "under the covers" ;) Not saying you need to make him one, just saying.... XOXO