Sunday, February 7, 2010

Peace River Wildlife Center

Two posts in one day!  It was quite cool today; we didn't do much today other than the usual...shelter, McD for a salad, walk along the river, coffee sitting on a swing by the river, SUPERBOWL.  I don't usually get excited about the Superbowl but I'm really glad that the Saints won.  Enough Payton Manning, time to move over.

Yesterday we went to the Ponce de Leon park to watch the Charlotte Harbor Regatta.  It was extremely windy and several of the boats were damaged due to the high winds.  We didn't see many sailboats but we did stop in and visit the wildlife center.  The birds there are being rehabilitated, if possible, but some of them stay there forever.  Many of them have wing damage due to fishing lines and some of them are missing a wing.  There are vultures and eagles, as well as different kinds of shore birds.  One of the areas is fenced in but is open on the top so that uninjured birds can fly in and out at will.  A large number of turkey vultures roost in the trees at night.

Here are a couple of photos taken by Mr. Bill...

(Snowy Egret?)
(wild birds stopping by for a visit)

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  1. Nice shots! You guys have gotten up to speed on the new camera very quickly :)