Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eagle update

We had a few veggie items on our shopping list so we left this morning and headed to the farmer's market in Punta Gorda.  We were disappointed that there wasn't any crown broccoli this week.  ;o(  We didn't get to listen to the entertainment today.  The weather was kind of overcast but warm and very windy.  The canopy that the musician stands under blew over and crashed into his head.  He was getting medical aid at the local coffee shop while we were shopping.  At one point a leaf/branch blew off one of the palm trees and crashed to the ground.  I don't know exactly what you would call this part of the palm but I do know that you would not want to be standing under it when it fell to the ground.  It made a very loud crash.

We did take a walk over to the coffee shop for an iced coffee.  
Isn't this an awesome flower?  We think it is a Bird of Paradise but we could be wrong.  It's growing next to the wall by the Cafe Ruelle.

On our way to the Fine Arts and Crafts Fair we stopped to check on the eagles.  Mr. Bill's camera takes some great photos.  You can see the one and only baby again in this shot.  
When we arrived, one of the adults was in the nest and the other one was sitting on a branch.  As we continued watching they both perched on the branches.  It's hard to tell the male from the female but the female is the larger bird.

One of the birds became very vocal and Mr. Bill set the camera so that it would continue to take photos as long as the button was depressed just in case it decided to fly.  I was the lucky one holding the camera and these are the shots that turned out well.



How cool is that?  They are such a majestic bird and watching them is incredible.  We believe that it will be sometime in March when the young one fledges.

The fair was okay, nothing really special.  We did purchase a couple of soapstone coasters that fit into the cup holders in the car.  This is a photo of the area at Fishermen's Village where we go dancing to live music.

There are a number of cats that call FV their home and someone created this so they have places to sleep, hide and eat.

It rained this afternoon so we went to the gym after lunch instead of walking outdoors.  
(All pictures were taken by Mr. Bill's new camera.)

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  1. That last photo of the eagle in flight is really good! I'm rather jealous that you got a better picture of a bird in flight than I've ever managed, and you've only had the camera for a week!

    That was a Bird of Paradise flower. It's a little past it's prime ;)

  2. Thanks Greg. It was just being in the right place at the right time...totally lucky ;o)