Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I didn't but now I do

For a number of years people have asked me "Do you color your hair?" and my answer has always been the same "No, I don't color my hair".  However, I do, admittedly, pay handsomely for someone else to color my hair.  So, I guess it's a question of semantics; kind of like what the definition of "is" is.  (Think Clinton)

Anyway, my hairdresser does a great job with my hair; unfortunately, she is in Maine and I am in Florida.  That can only mean one thing, I now have to color my own hair.  We did discuss this before I left and she gave me information about what to purchase in order to get something close to my regular color.

Today was the day.  It was cloudy and raining, so while Mr. Bill went book shopping, I colored.  I was very nervous, as I am with every first time I try anything.  That is precisely the reason that I'm not very creative...frozen with fear.  I think it went well.

Me, before.  This was the first photo Mr. Bill took with his new camera. 

This is the product I used...
 Clairol Perfect 10, 7.5A
Zip Zoom Macaroon
Me, after.  I think it turned out pretty well; what do you think? It's a little darker but will probably lighten some in the sun.  It was very easy and I won't be nearly as nervous next month.  Except next month I have to get it cut so that will be scary.

Since it continued to rain this afternoon, we went to see Avatar in 3D.  I LOVED IT!  I thought it was outstanding and totally enjoyed the entire movie.  Now I want to see a movie about how they made the movie.

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  1. Looks good!

    I'm hoping to see Avatar sometime before Avatar 2 comes out ;)

  2. Greg-- you should have your sister come babysit and go see it :)

  3. You're always welcome to come babysit :)