Thursday, February 11, 2010

Damn Thief!!!

Well, my day has been completely ruined.  I decided to check my SIS account to see whether or not a particular check had been cashed.  What I found was over $700 in charges to my account by some thieving bastard in CT.  Apparently the Stop & Shop is an easy target as 6 of the charges were to two different stores, each time for over $100.  I immediately put a block on my card, which means that I no longer have a debit card and will have to go back to cashing checks.  Thankfully, I have some checks with me.  I also called both of the stores involved and talked to the managers.  They will check tomorrow to see if they can get me any information.

What a pain in the butt.  I did not lose my card; I am sitting here looking at it.  Somehow my number was stolen and I have no idea how that happened.  It really pisses me off.  I don't usually ever check my account and I can't imagine how much they would have stolen over the next few days.  I guess the Universe was kind of watching out for me.

I was going to create a nice post with some new eagle photos but now I'm just not interested, sorry.  Tomorrow I will be buying flannel for the dog toys and blankets, at 50% off.  That's right after I talk to SIS, as well as the new ID theft program I signed up for last week.  Kind of odd that I didn't have any ID theft until after I signed up with an ID theft program...hmmmm  Bill is going to be braiding flannel for dog toys and I'll be tying knots along the fabric edges to make blankets (not the same piece of fabric, obviously).  I think it's kind of like the scarf Wendy made a few years ago. 

Because no post is complete without a picture, this is one of the plants blooming in the courtyard where we sometimes have coffee.

and this is a fountain we pass walking from the farmer's market to the coffee house 
The pictures aren't anything special; just little snippets of what it's like where we are.

Not sure how well I will sleep tonight but I know I have done everything I can about my card at this point and I know that the bastards can't use it to get anything more.  I hope what they end up getting is some jail time but I'm not terribly hopeful about that.  

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