Sunday, February 21, 2010


Yesterday we spent the day at the North Port Feed Supply Country Market with our favorite dog from the shelter, Cheyenne.  We took her there to introduce the shelter to those not familiar with it, raise a little money for the shelter and maybe interest someone in rescuing a shelter dog.  We did not go in an attempt to get any particular dog adopted. 

She is such a great dog and I wondered how she ended up at the shelter.  She is seven years old, housebroken, crate trained, walks nicely on a leash and knows some commands.  How could anyone give up such a good dog.  As it turns out, her family moved and could not take her with them.  I like to think they were heart broken, I know I would have been.  

It was billed as a farmer's market but actually, rather than vegetables and such they had vendors with crafts, chickens, rabbits, goats and other assorted farm items.  They did have some vendors with hamburgers (which we didn't eat) and hot dogs (which were very yummy) and there was a live band.  The best of all, it was outside and the weather had warmed up; the sun actually came out.  

Another volunteer had taken a 1 1/2 year old Akita mix named Apollo.  I thought it was going to be an interesting day because Apollo can be quite a handful.  However, both dogs were very well behaved (except when Apollo peed on our cooler).  They were good with kids and uninterested in the farm animals, even the fowl.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting a chance to spend four hours with Cheyenne.

It's all Bill's fault!  He discovered her first.  I let him take any questionable dogs first, then giving me an idea of how they are on a leash.  I don't have any interest in being dragged off my feet by some big bully that doesn't behave well when outside.  Cheyenne would run from one side of her kennel to the other, acting wild.  She had a little sign on her kennel, drawn by a child, telling everyone that she acted wild inside but she is very mild mannered.  She is, in fact, perfect.  She never pulls unless she really has to go to the bathroom and enjoys sitting with you, just being loved.  She has a beautiful, expressive face.  We had started a routine of each walking four or five dogs in an hour and when one of us brought her out, we knew we were done.  We would sit together with her and give her some extra love and attention.  She liked to crawl up onto our laps and give us kisses.  It was hard to take her in when we needed to leave and sometimes I would ask for 5 more minutes...pleeeeeeese

We had her back to the shelter by 3ish, unloaded the crates, boxes, table and chairs that had been taken in two vehicles.  When we left we noticed a couple and their two children playing with Cheyenne in the fenced area where people can get to know a dog before they take one home.

When we went this afternoon, the first thing I did was check her was empty and her little sign was gone.  She went home with yesterday's family and the shelter staff said they were a good family.  I hope they have a big yard where she can roll around and scratch her back, which she loves.  I hope they give her a big, soft bed where she can spread out and soak up some sun.  I hope they take her for nice, long walks  so she can stay in good shape.  She was heavy when she arrived at the shelter but had lost weight and was nice and thin.  I hope they give her as much love as she would have had with us.

It's not a very good photo of me.  (I didn't know Bill was taking the picture but he says I should have known because I was looking right at him.   In my defense, he was pointing the camera in my direction but I thought he was playing around with the camera, trying to get everything just right and he would let me know when he was ready.) It doesn't really matter, this is the only photo of me and Cheyenne so it will do just fine.

Bittersweet...pleasure alloyed with pain  We are both happy that after 2 1/2 months, Cheyenne has found a new home.  I'm especially sad that it isn't with us.  

I promise to do my best not to fall in love with another shelter dog; at least not until we can actually have a dog.

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  1. ok that almost made me cry, did make me teary eyed a bit...
    it's so easy to fall in love with them!