Friday, February 12, 2010

HA! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

Bill and I are making dog blankets and toys in order to earn two free tickets to Disney.  They are made of fleece, which I was able to get at Jo-ann fabrics today for 50% off.  I had to buy seven yards in order to make four blankets and 25 to 30 braids.
These are two of the fabrics used to make a blanket.  The picture is a little out of focus but the flower fabric is pretty fuzzy and looks a little blurry anyway.

Three fabrics are used for the braided toys.  Here are the three fabrics cut into 3" strips.

 Bill had no idea how to braid but he was willing to learn and turned out 6 toys in about an hour.  Yeah Bill; you learned a new trick.
He has about 30 more to make. I only have four blankets but they take a lot longer than each toy to complete.  
Here is our first night's production...
 This says it all and so it is.
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