Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wendy's Visit...Ice House Pub

Although this is a continuation of Sunday, 3/11, I'm unable to post it below my previous entry.  If you know how to achieve that, please advise.

After Wendy's 5 mile run and a trip to Venice, we decided to eat out and thought Wendy would enjoy the Ice House Pub, an authentic English pub and restaurant, because they serve Guinness.  According to their website, they have 26 beers on tap and over 150 beers from 15 different countries.  That's about 149 more beers than I need; however, Wendy says Bud Light Lime is not really a beer.  Huh?  It was her goal that I should drink a "real beer" and the waiter was very willing to help.  He brought me four different kinds of beer to taste in cute little, tiny glasses.  The first two were...uh, not really for me.  The second two were ciders, one was strawberry (I think) which was...uh, not really for me.  The last one I tried was...uh, not that bad so I ordered a glass.
Crispin Cider, my first "real beer"
Crispin Cider was a winner, although I'm not sure that cider counts as beer.  Whatever!  It was actually quite good, even though I didn't finish my 10 oz. glass and I'm not sure I would order it again.

The best picture of all the bad pictures
We started with fried artichokes
Yummy, fried artichokes
Bill and Wendy had burgers and I had something like Shepherd's Pie.  It was all VERY good and we will definitely go there again.

No worries, Wendy finished her beer and mine, too.  What a good daughter.

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