Friday, March 9, 2012

Wendy's Visit...Game On

Not what you want to see when you are waiting for the game to start ;o(  Luckily, it only created a 15 minute delay.

Spring training games don't, apparently, lend themselves to every well known player being on the field the night you have tickets.  Buckholz, Pedroia, Ortiz and Youkilis started the game.  Darnell McDonald came in later.  My "boyfriend" Ellsbury didn't play at all.  Although the Red Sox lost the game 4-7, we saw Ortiz and McDonald hit home runs.

Our seats were in the second tier of the Green Monster and were the most uncomfortable seats I have ever had the pleasure to pay for.  Technically, I still owe Bill for mine.
Cute...yes; Clever...very; Comfortable...not so much!
We were in Monster Section 3
Row 2, seats 1 - 3
Bring on the rain, we're under cover
The seats were too high for our feet to touch the ground if we were actually sitting in the seat.  If we moved forward and sat on the edge of our seat, our knees hit the rough wall and the seat cut into our thighs.  The edge of the seat was very well defined, not rounded.  UGH.  Wendy finally discovered the most comfortable way to sit.
Unfortunately, I was afraid that if I sat that way, the fire department would be needed to extricate me.

Although our butts weren't comfortable, it wasn't enough to wipe the smiles off our faces.
The obligatory "self-portrait"
Two of the Wehmeyer women
Bill always looks good but I looked better before it rained
We discovered, somewhere around the 6th inning, that the seats in the first tier are lower to the ground and are much more comfortable.  Then we discovered that the seats in the third tier have footrests and are much more comfortable.
Green Monster third tier seating with FOOTRESTS!
Apparently the second tier seats were designed by the really tall people that take care of the score board.  A free word of advise...if you get the chance to see a spring training game and buy Green Monster seats...DON'T sit in the second tier, anywhere but the second tier.  

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