Monday, March 26, 2012

The Icehouse Pub...Revisited

When Wendy came to visit, we went to dinner at the Icehouse Pub in Punta Gorda.  You can read about that evening here.  Tonight, we went with David and Paula, who arrived yesterday for a few days visit.
David and Paula at The IceHouse Pub

David and Paula, Bill and Kathy
We started with drinks and TWO orders of the fried artichoke hearts.  YUM!  Dinner was excellent, as it has proven to be each time we have eaten there.

There are several maybe a dozen dart boards in the rear of the restaurant and although we have seen people playing, we never tried to play ourselves, until tonight.  We learned that they have leagues on Mon - Wed nights but any other time, if there is an open board, anyone is welcome to play.  They even provide the darts.

Sooooo, we played.  I'm happy to report, everyone was on the winning team at least once.
David and Bill, winners
Kathy and David, winners
Paula and Bill, winners
There was, however, someone that won more often than the others.

The biggest winner
A good time was had by all.
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  1. LOVE IT! I think David also won the "most drinks" category ;)

  2. I think you could be right ;o)