Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wendy's Visit...Day One

Most of our days involve walking the dog, spending time at the gym or the beach, hanging outside with the dog, eating dinner, watching tv and going to bed in order to start it all over again the next day.  BUT.NOT.TODAY!  Wendy arrived in Ft. Myers this afternoon and we have had a pretty full day.
One of three huge metal dragonflies that adorn a section of the RSW airport
After picking her up, we drove to the new Red Sox training facility...jetBlue Park at Fenway South and were surprised to learn that tours were offered on days there was no game for only $5.   SCORE!

The new park has the same footprint as Fenway Park in Boston
The field with the Green Monster and the Green Monster Deck
and even has the old scoreboard that was in storage for a number of years.
Personnel responsible for changing the score must do it from the outside and probably need a step ladder to reach the top numbers, unless you just need to be really tall to be hired.  All well and good unless it's raining; wait, they don't play when it's raining, so I guess it's all well and good!

The tour took us into the dugout, along the warning track to the scoreboard and even into and on top of the Green Monster.
Green Monster seats on the third tier
Green Monster "baseball" seats
As we were leaving, the tour guide advised us that additional tickets had been made available for some of the home games.  We stopped at the ticket booth and were able to purchase three tickets to Friday night's game.  DOUBLE.SCORE!
Sox vs Pirates...Friday, 3/9/2012
More to follow.

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