Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Red Sox vs Rays

David and Paula brought Red Sox tickets with them when they came to visit.  Although David originally purchased tickets for standing room on the grassy knoll berm in the outfield, which sounds very romantic but is actually a small grassy area in full sun, he was able to upgrade to seats, actual seats!  Thanks, David.
Ticket for a real seat...yay!

View from our seats.
We got there early and had a chance to check out the practice fields but we just missed batting practice.
Back side of the outfield wall
Two handsome dudes but not Red Sox dudes.

Speaks for itself
We even got their early enough to get some free food!
Land O-Lakes grilled cheese
 OMG, these were awesome...and, did I mention...they were FREE!  I ate two.

The weather was perfect, in the 80's but we were glad when 2:50 arrived and our seats were in the shade.  We had a great time and the Sox WON, killing massacring beating the Tampa Bay Rays 8-0!
We returned home to enjoy a marvelous dinner of filet mignon, grilled veggies and two side dishes prepared by Paula, one involved spinach and the other involved a combination of root vegetables.  Everything was delicious!
David being responsible for the veggies, Bill keeping an eye on the steaks, Paula soaking up the aroma
Looks good, tasted great
It was an awesome day...good friends, good food, good fun.

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