Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wishing everyone a super holiday.  I went for a walk with my two Irish lads this morning
My two Irish lads

Our St. Patrick's Day walk
We left Titan at home, had a spectacular breakfast at McDonalds, shopped at the farmer's market, then headed to the Peace River National Art Festival at Laishley Park.
A vendor that makes jewelry from watch parts

A vendor with bronze sculptures
This is a very nice art festival, which we also enjoyed last year.  There is some beautiful art work, lots of jewelry and glass work, along with pottery.  I did purchase a Christmas ornament but nothing else.  The painting I really liked, by a quadraplegic artist named Marcus Thomas, was $12,000 so we left it for someone else to buy.  He paints with his mouth, check out his website, you will be amazed!

We picked up sandwiches and ate them in the car at Ponce de Leon Park
then checked out a little park near us called Spring Lake Park.
This was the sign near the path to the lake, so we looked everywhere to see if there were any alligators around.  Nothin'

After dinner we decided to check out the sunset from the park on our side of the river.  The temperature was around 80* and it was beautiful!

We walked out onto the pier and had a perfect view of Venus, Jupiter and Mars.  It was a great holiday.

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