Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NM Meets ME in FL

The last time we saw my cousin, Donald and his wife, Gracia was in 2007 when we exchanged houses for two weeks.  They came East a little early so we had some time to visit before we headed West.
Visiting Quincy Market
They arrived in FL with their camper/van late Tuesday afternoon and we explored for the next several days.  The next morning we walked the dog, much like we did when Wendy was here.  Bill and Titan took the sidewalk, while Don, Gracia and I took the Harborwalk, meeting at the hospital.
Birds enjoying a snack at low tide on the Peace River

Three Amigos
After lunch and the announcement of Pope Francis, we took a walk over the Peace River bridge to Fisherman's Village.  We got an ice cream at the coffee shop, walked around the shops and watched the pelicans.
Statue of Ponce de Leon in Gilchrist Park

Keeping their eyes on the fish, really big fish

We returned to the car and visited Bocca Lupo for dinner, then to Bayshore Park to watch the sunset, which was beautiful.   There was also a comet visible to the naked eye, the PanStarrs comet.

Seriously, if you look closely with a magnifying glass you can see it ;o)
They dressed to match the sunset colors!

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