Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Cause a girls gotta see her mama!!" Day 3

Today was a slow, catch up kind of day.  Wendy and I walked along the Harborwalk while Bill and Titan walked along the road, meeting at the hospital and walking back together.  
Auntie Wendy and her favorite FL dog sporting their shades
We had lunch at home, then the three of us walked over the Peace River Bridge to Fisherman's Village.  
We did some shopping at F.V. including purchases for Bill and Wendy's birthdays and got beverages at the Good Ol' Days Coffee Shop, formerly the Ornery Attitude. 
( photo)
Luckily, we found one of our favorite swings to be empty and were pleased to discover that all three of us could sit there without breaking it.
View from the swing 3.8.13
Ah, very relaxing.  We walked back toward the bridge but made a very necessary stop first at Cubby's Home Made Ice Cream.
We Love Cubby's ice cream
We returned home after walking back over the bridge, where we sat outside for awhile before heading to Bocca Lupo for PIZZA! 

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