Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Cause a girls gotta see her mama!!" Day 5

After a visit to the farmer's market and Wal-mart, we stopped at the Race Track for iced coffees, then loaded our beach supplies in the car and drove north to Venice.  We had lunch outside at T.J. Carney's
did a little shopping and forced ourselves to eat some delicious gelato from Ciao Gelato.
I'll eat it if you make me
The sun was in and out but we headed to the beach anyway.  It turned out to be an awesome beach day and we stayed for a couple of hours.  
Photo by Wendy
We returned home to sit outside with the dog while Wendy & I enjoyed an adult beverage.  After dinner we celebrated Bill's birthday with giant cupcakes from Sugar Island Cupcakes. Yum!

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