Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Cause a girls gotta see her mama!!"

Wendy's here!!  WooHoo!!!  Let the fun begin (not that we haven't been havin' fun).

There's always plenty of airport art.

This funky stuff is made from plywood and other materials, then painted white.  I'm pretty sure Bill could open up a workshop and sell some airport art to an unsuspecting buyer.  Maybe it's you?

Da plane! Da plane!
We waited patiently for her appearance and appear she did, but there's no photo evidence ;o(

As you can see from the above photos, the weather was beautiful...sunny and warm, just the way we like it here in southwest Florida.

After a quick lunch at Panera Bread, just like last year, we decided to stop by Manatee Park on our way home and see if we could spot any sea cows.  Last year was a total bust but it was very cool here over the weekend so we were hoping that the manatees had headed toward the power plant to soak in some warm water.

We spotted some large fish...
Large, unidentified fishies
and searched the waters for the ever elusive manatees...
"Do you see any?"
There's one! There's one!

There's two more...
Seriously, they're manatees, not alligators
These were in the water closest to the power plant outlet, so it was nice and warm.  After walking down the path toward the Orange River we hit the jackpot!

In this section, I counted 13!  There was even an underwater microphone so we could listen to them "talking" to one another.
However, they don't chirp and click when they are sleeping ;o(

So happy to have my "baby" girl visiting and see manatees all in the same day.
Happy girls at Manatee Park
Here's my question...what is the plural for manatee?  Is it manatee or manatees?  I know, I could Google it but I want everyone to ponder it for awhile.

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