Friday, March 8, 2013

"Cause a girls gotta see her mama!!" Day 4

"Happy Birthday, Bill"!
Today's is Bill's **th birthday and he deserves to have a marvelous one!

We had a nice walk again this morning, Wendy & I along the HarborWalk while Bill and Titan walked along the sidewalk with all of us meeting at the hospital and returning together. 
We are all smiles when we meet at the hospital
We ate lunch at home then asked Bill to drop the two of us off at Charlotte Harbor Beach Park while he went to the gym.  It was a beautiful day at the beach. 
It doesn't get any better than this.
We only stayed a couple of hours because we had big plans to celebrate Bill's birthday...RED SOX!

We headed south to Ft. Myers around 5:00 and arrived early along with many others.
We were early enough to grab a bite for dinner, see the sunset
so much prettier in person
and catch a little bit of the warm ups.
Wendy scored us great seats down the third base line.

While moving some of the warm up equipment off the field, a couple of balls fell onto the warning track just below us and one of the Red Sox team members returned to pick it up (we're saying it was the catcher, Ryan Lavarnway).  Wendy leaned over the railing and asked him to throw her one of the balls because it was Bill's birthday.  He graciously obliged but threw it a little short.  Thankfully, Wendy didn't lean over the railing far enough to fall.  Being the good guy, he threw it to her again and she presented it to Bill.
Happy Birthday Bill!
It wasn't a great game, the Sox lost 0-2 and we left in the 8th inning because we were getting cold but I think everyone would agree...we had a good time.

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