Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Cause a girl's gotta see her mama!!" Day 2

It was very cool this morning, again ;o(  We dropped Bill at the gym and headed into Punta Gorda to make our feet happy with pedicures.  Wendy loved the massage chair and said it was worth the price of admission.  The technicians were very personable but as it turned out, we enjoyed some special scented gel that ended up costing us an extra $10, which came as a surprise when we paid our bill.  So...happy feet, not so happy wallets.
After lunch we drove to Pine Island to visit the little fishing village of Matlatcha (mat-la-shay).  It's a cute little village with a few different shops, all painted bright colors.
We came across this guy/gal way up on top of a pole having lunch.
Our favorite shop was the Love Grove, which has a very colorful, fanciful "garden" behind it.
This would make a great quilt

Mushrooms made from blue bottles with the bottoms painted white
Overlooking the canal

Look familiar?
Who's behind those Foster Grants?
We checked out the park and fishing pier and took the obligatory pictures.

We drove to the end of the island to check out the little town of Bokeelia.  There isn't much there except several vacation homes/condos and a great view of the water.

I had wanted to see the Calusa shell mounds which were down in that area.  Wendy pulled it up on her phone and we drove around until we found what we were looking for...Calusa Heritage Trail.  
We got there just as they were closing the restrooms and gift shop; however, one of the volunteers gave us a quick explanation of the site and provided us with a map.  It wasn't what I expected...I thought we would see tall mounds of seashells from hundreds of years ago.  What we did see was small hills that didn't look like much of anything, except that Florida is pretty flat everywhere.  One of the mounds overlooked the Gulf and at one time, probably had a house belonging to one of the tribal leaders.  
Nice view
difficult to take a good photo into the sun ;o(
Although Wendy wasn't feeling well, she was a trooper as we trudged along the short trail.
"Are we there yet?"
Although it was cool, it was clear and sunny and we had a good time.

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