Monday, February 28, 2011

Wildlife, Oh Yeah!

I have failed miserably at taking photos of the wild animals we have seen this winter.  That's because, when I carry the camera, we don't see any and when I leave it in the car, we see lots of them.  I guess they are camera shy.

Anyway,  here's the count...

While I was getting my hair done, Mr. Bill took Sir Titan for a walk and saw an alligator.  He got sooooo excited (Mr. Bill, that is) that try as he might, he couldn't get the camera in his phone to work properly...alas, there is no picture.

Several weeks ago, while walking by the river, we watched a couple of dolphins playing in the harbor.  They would throw a fish into the air then jump after it.  They were quite close to the edge so we could see them clearly.  Unfortunately, it started pouring, which soaked all three of us and ended our little nature lover's moment.  Ironically, that's the only time we have been caught in the rain this winter.

Today, again on our walk, we saw three manatees.  They were about 100 yards away but easily visible.  At one point, something apparently frightened them because there were three large, difficult to describe, foamy disturbances in the water and they swam rapidly away.  It was the coolest thing, EVA!

This does not count the numerous different birds we have seen or the handful of snakes and lizards.

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