Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Am Titan - I Have a Backseat Buddy ;o)

Hi everyone!

I'm taking a couple of minutes during half-time of the big football game to let you know that my Auntie Wen-D came to visit my mama and papa here in Flor-i-duh.  I really like her because she likes me and likes to hear me talk and sing. 

One of the best things about having her here is that I have someone to sit with when we go places in the car.  I usually have to ride alone behind my mama and papa but can lean over and smell them or give them kisses whenever I want.  (Well, not really when I want because they tell me to "get back", but sometimes.)  Big surprise today when we went for a ride...the backseat was not laying down like it usually does, it was sitting up and I was supposed to ride in the waaaaaay back part of the car.  I don't like being in the waaaaaay back, it's very far away from my mama and papa.  However, I was close to my Auntie Wen-D, which I did like. 

I behaved myself nicely when we rode in the car to get to our walk, which was very fast today because everyone was keeping up with Auntie Wen-D and she walks really, really fast.  I behaved myself nicely after our walk when we took another ride to show Auntie Wen-D the Tampa Bay Rays spring training stadium and the Charlotte Harbor Beach Park.  Auntie Wen-D behaved very well too by snuggling up under her sweatshirt and taking a little nap.  (Don't worry, Auntie Wen-D, it's our little secret; riding in the car puts me to sleep, too.)

I finally had enough of being alone in the waaaaaay back...

I'm making a break for it.

I kind of figured that if I didn't make eye contact with anyone, they wouldn't notice me.  I didn't figure that out quite right but Auntie Wen-D said it was okay and I could stay.  YAY! I love her for letting me out of the waaaaaay back and I rewarded her with one of my special kisses.

At first she played hard to get   ;o(
Then she gave in to my charm   ;o)

I love sharing the backseat with my buddy, Auntie Wen-D.

Woof, Woof

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