Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am Titan - I Have a New Toy

Yeah, that's right, my papa brought out a new toy for me today.  Come to find out, it was in the car, right under my nose for a couple of weeks.  I heard they were going to save it and let me play with it when we go to the doggie park.  However, it appears we are NEVER going to the doggie park because there are always too many dogs there and I get way too excited.  Sometimes when I'm excited I don't behave myself very well.  Sometimes just walking past the doggie park gets me excited but that's mostly when the dogs behind the fence are not behaving themselves and making lots of growly noises.  My mama and papa think that because the "others" are behind the fence, and I can't see them, I don't know they are there.  DUH!  They forget that my ears and my nose are like a gazillion times better than their's.  So much for making new friends at the doggie park.

I have a toy kind of like my new one but we left it in May-n.

This is the coolest toy (next to my rubber duck) ever!  It's hard to tell from this picture my mama took but it has three tails, kind of like me but I only have one ;o)  When my mama or papa throw this toy, it flies through the air and I run as fast as I can to catch it.  The one at home doesn't have tails any more.  That's because when I get tired of chasing it I like to chew on it and come to find out, these tails are NOT in-d-stuck-ta-bull.  AND, this one s.q.u.e.e.k.s!  I love toys that squeek.

Today I was a little off my game because I got really tired on our walk.  It was warm today, I heard my mama say 84*, whatever that means.  I know she was smiling when she said it so it must be good.  
Even though we stopped several times and they gave me bowls of nice cold water, I still got tired.  Soooo, when my papa brought out this new toy, I was happy and excited, but I just didn't have the get-up-and-go that I usually do.  Even so, my papa was excited for me and throw the toy nice and high.

um, excuse me, I know I run fast and jump high but how, exactly, am I supposed to get that?

Yeah, that's right, papa threw my toy right into the gutter!  Luckily, he knows where the little ladder is and was able to get it down for me.

Woof, Woof

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