Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Am Titan - I am a Hunter

My mama and papa tell me that I am an American Pit Bull Terrier!  I don't know what that really means but they say it is a good thing, so that makes me happy and proud.  I went online and found out what a terrier is... any of various usually small (I'm not very small) energetic (I am very energetic) dogs originally used by hunters to dig for small game and engage the quarry underground or drive it out.  Now, that's what I'm talkin' about in this blog.  

I have a nice, although limited, kingdom in our back yard here in Flor-i-duh.  It's boundary is marked, not by a moat filled with ally-gate-ers, but by these annoying, shockingly efficient, white flags, which I admit kind of scare me, so I stay away from them.
The yard is technically much bigger than my kingdom but I am doing my very best to protect my kingdom from small game, known here in Flor-i-duh as...get-goes.
Flor-i-duh get-go trying to attract me
These get-goes are very fast and can hide almost everywhere, so they could hide anywhere in the yard without entering my kingdom.  However, where they choose to hide is smack in the middle of my kingdom in the planter that surrounds the tree.  They hide there because they have heard my mama and papa say "Titan, OFF!" or "Titan, get out of there!" so they figure they are safe.

Listening intently to the get-goes tease me...nah, nah, nah,nah, na,na
They even make noises that my mama and papa can't hear, purposely taunting me ;o( 

Not.So.Fast get-goes! 

Sooo, I have been hunting them, hiding my head near the plants in the planter, so they can't see me hunting them.
Can't see me, can you?
Proof that I am a good "hider"
Unfortunately, no matter how well I hide, I can't catch those darn get-goes. I think they got their name because they "get up and go" really fast!  Plus, when they aren't going really fast, they don't move at all but hide better than I can.  I have occasionally frightened them onto the tree, which causes me to jump straight up and into the planter, which causes my mama or papa to talk loudly to me and I know I am in trouble.  I hear the get-goes softly laughing as I am unceremoniously dragged out of the planter.  But I am not deterred and continue to hunt (and get into trouble) until I am removed from my kingdom and relegated to the house.

Tomorrow is another day and I will try again!

Woof, Woof


  1. That reminds me of Dudley's eternal quest to catch a frog :)

  2. Haylee says ...

    "Titan, I admire your efforts to protect and serve your humans, as I do too on a daily basis. I've heard those get-gos can have some really BIG teeth ... BE CAREFUL!"