Sunday, February 20, 2011


You might ask yourself...what exactly does that mean.  That's what I was asking after spending yesterday afternoon at the Greek Festival.  According to doesn't really 'mean' anything. It's an exclamation of joy, like "whoopee" or "hooray."

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the festival.  We passed up the Wine and Jazz Festival; neither of us likes jazz and I only like wine that isn't really wine.  So instead, we decided to spend some time with others enjoying good food and fun dancing.

Lunch was very tasty, although I didn't know what the ingredients were or how to pronounce it.  They were very helpful and provided nice photos and a description of what was available. 
Lower left...spanakopita (spinach pie)  REALLY GOOD!
Upper left...souvlaki (pork kabob in a pita roll) not that good ;o(
Upper right...greek salad (kind of speaks for itself, huh?)  good
Lower right...dolmades (stuffed grape leaves)  REALLY GOOD except they are served cold and I expected them to be hot, so it was a surprise in my mouth ;o)

I had tasted the spanakopita before but it was frozen and this was fresh.  Fresh is better!  I had always wanted to taste stuffed grape leaves and they were really tasty.  These were filled with rice and must have been sitting in a kind of marinade.
Stuffed grape leaves and a tasty beverage 
Greek salad, spinach pie and stuffed grape leaves
For dessert we had Kourabiedes (butter cookies covered with powdered sugar).  We didn't get a picture of these but they were also very good.  However, a word to the wise, don't take a big bite of a kouradiedes because there is so much powdered sugar floating around in your mouth, you can't breathe and IF you breathe, you suck all that sugar down your throat and it's really hard to make enough saliva to wet all that damn sugar.  Take small bites ;o)

They also had Greek music and dancing, which was lots of fun to watch and everyone was having a good time.
Father Ian welcomed those that were interested into the church and gave an interesting presentation about the history of the church, the three sections of the church and the icons. 

From there we headed to Fishermen's Village and had our cup of coffee on the swing by the river.
Our second favorite swing (the marina is to the left)
Our least favorite swing but sometimes it's the only choice
The weather has been picture perfect for the past week and promises to continue through next weekend.  The skies are clear, the sun is warm and bright and the temps are in the low 80's.

Thanks for stopping by...

PS...if anyone knows why the videos aren't coming up with the picture and the play arrow, please let me know.  They are correct on the draft ;o(

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