Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

What did you do to celebrate today?

For 12 to 15 years I worked for a florist and delivered flowers on Valentine's Day.  I always loved that job because, for the most part, everyone loves getting flowers and they were happy to see me at their door.  I filled my car with as many deliveries as possible and got to enjoy the arrangements until the car was empty. Having my car filled with the fragrance of dozens of flowers was awesome.

For the past couple of years, Mr. Bill and I decided we weren't going to buy gifts for each other but we would go out for a nice dinner.  There is a  restaurant not far away that offers a Valentine special for dinner and we talked about going there; however, I didn't exactly jump up and call.  Sooo, by the time I called last week they had availability for reservations at 3:00 (IN THE AFTERNOON) OR 9:00 (NEARLY MY BEDTIME).  Thanks, anyway.  We stopped at our favorite butcher shop over the weekend and they had a wonderful Valentine special, which Mr. Bill thought sounded good.  Well, he was right.  We had two beautiful fillets, two twice baked potatoes and some baby asparagus. 
All for about half of what we would have paid someone else to cook it and serve it up.  Mr. Bill cooked the fillets to perfection, of course!

That's not all...we shared a superb cupcake for dessert, which we picked up at the farmer's market over the weekend.

Chocolate, chocolate chip with chocolate frosting and red sprinkles
These cupcakes are about half again as big as a regular cupcake.  They are not only delicious but are filled with a chocolate mousse.
It was a very nice Valentine dinner.  Thank you Mr. Bill. 

At the risk of freaking everyone out, we spent the morning doing something that neither of us has ever done before.   Rest assured...all is well.  We spent 3 1/2 hours in the emergency room at a local hospital.  I have been having some lower rib pain almost since we got here.  I figured I pulled a muscle, or dislocated a rib, or something else that I couldn't explain.  It was better for awhile but has been bothering me the last couple of weeks and wasn't getting better.  I spoke to the insurance "Nurse Line" last night to ask whether or not it was something to be concerned about or if it could wait until we got home.  I was a little disconcerted when she said I should visit an Urgent Care Clinic or the ER since it had been going on so long.  Soooo, that's where we headed this morning.  They were very nice and efficient, took several xrays and didn't find anything.  My diagnosis was musculoskeletal chest pain (a pulled or strained muscle) and they gave me a couple of prescriptions. 

I didn't call any family or friends because it makes everyone worry and I didn't see any point in people worrying until I knew what was going on, so hopefully I'm not in trouble with anyone.  I already have an appointment with my PCP in April when we return so I can follow up then, if necessary.  While speaking with the insurance company, I discovered that I can sign up for a program that allows me to have a PCP in Florida as well as Maine and it doesn't cost anything extra.  I had no idea that was an option but I'm excited to start the paperwork so I can have a Dr. next year when we come down.  Just.In.Case.

And that's what we did today.

Generally, for Valentine's Day, I send cards to my children and my girlfriends, letting them know that I think they are special and I'm glad they are in my life.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do that this year.  I do have a new idea for next year; however, for all my friends that usually get a card and a few new ones, let this be your Valentine card.

"I think you are special.  Thanks for being part of my life.  Happy Valentine's Day"

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  1. You've been to the emergency room with me before. Do you mean you've never had to go for yourself?

  2. I went from work because of injuries but never like an ordinary person.