Monday, March 17, 2014

Wendy Comes to Visit...Day 7 (and so does Dan)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
These were taken with the iPad and the CamMe app.  I will be talking about this in an upcoming post.

We enjoyed an easy day with no specific plans.  It was cloudy but warm enough to sit on the deck.  After breakfast we parked at the new Hurricane Charley's, Wendy and Dan walked over the bridge and back to TT's Tiki Hut along the Harborwalk.  We walked Titan to the hospital and back, took him home and joined them for a beverage.  The three of us enjoyed a great rum punch drink and Bill had a soda.  Thank you, Dan.

We ate lunch at home, Wendy and Dan took a nap, Bill did some reading and I worked on the computer.  We had pesto chicken for dinner thanks to Bill.

After dinner we headed to Fisherman's Village to listen to Emily Ann Thompson, a Celtic fiddler.  It was quite busy as the Lee County Pipes and Drums were leaving and a lot of people stayed.  It took awhile but Wendy and Dan were persistent and finally scored a table at the Village Fish Market.  They had drinks, we shared a chocolate cake dessert and coffee. 

On the way out, we stopped at the candy store, which Bill and I have never entered and Dan bought each of us a chocolate truffle.  Much to his surprise, they were $3 EACH.  Ouch!  However, they were delicious, as they should be for that price.
Kahlua truffle
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