Sunday, January 19, 2014

Linear Park

The City of Punta Gorda is a great place to walk, with or without a dog and bike.  They are in the process of designing an 18 mile pathway around the city, all pedestrian, bicycle and pet friendly.  We have often walked along the Harborwalk section of the pathway, as seen here and here.  We haven't walked this section much recently because there are so many other people walking dogs and we all know how Sir Titan is around other dogs.  So instead, we walk mostly along the road.  The Linear Park path is a new section of the pathway that intersects part of our walk, which wasn't completed when we left last year.
I like it because it is fairly open and easy to make an escape in the event of another dog and there are strategically located dispensers of doggie poop bags and receptacles in which to throw them when used.
We pass behind a church rectory which has a nice garden area, as well as this interesting stained glass.
There are markers along the path describing the trees and bushes planted there.
The path follows a canal and we all know what lurks in FL canals.
Seriously, who in their right mind would approach, feed or harass an alligator. 

About half way along this pathway, there is a nice rest area, including shade, a map of the pathways system, a trash container

and a water fountain with a doggie spout, (like this one but not this one). 
It's a great addition to the pathway system!

At some point, we spotted the inevitable "other dog" so we scooted off the path, walked a few blocks and headed back to the car.  We did come across this oasis for people and dogs in one of the yards on a side street.
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